Cotton production for 2012/13 is estimated at 33.5 million bales (7.3 million tons), up 2.0 million, or 6%, from last month and up 1% from last year. The estimated output is slightly below the 5-year average and well below the record set in 2007/08 (37.0 million bales).

The estimated area of 5.2 million hectares is up 4% this month but down 4% from last year. Yield is estimated at 1,403 kilograms per hectare, up 2% from last month and up 5% from last year.

Record yields in Northwest China are expected to offset yield reductions in eastern China, which suffered from excessive rainfall and typhoon damage during the latter part of the growing season. The revisions are based on procurement and classification data published by official Chinese sources, which indicate greater-than-expected output in 2012/13.

The increased production came almost entirely from Xinjiang province (Northwest China), which now accounts for more than half of China’s total cotton crop. Favorable weather, increased planted area, heavy investment in irrigation and mechanization, and supportive government procurement policies have all contributed to the remarkable output in Xinjiang this year.

Source: Black Sea Grain Jan 2013

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