The US Commerce Department on Friday said it had set preliminary duties ranging up to 154%  on imports of a food additive and thickening agent from China and Austria to offset what it said were unfairly low prices.

The ruling is a victory for CP Kelco, a family-owned Atlanta-based company which filed a petition last year asking for anti-dumping duties on Xanthan gum from the two countries.

Xanthan gum is used as a thickening agent in products like salad dressing and cosmetics. The United States imported US$25 million of the good from Austria and US$64 million from China last year. The Commerce Department set a preliminary duty of 17.18% on imports from Austria and duties ranging from 21.69 to 154.07% on imports from China.

The department will issue final duty determinations in May.

Source: South China Morning Post Jan 2013

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