Australian juice and smoothie retailer Boost Juice, which ended its franchise agreement with a partner in China in May, plans to try again in China. The retailer, which has 200 outlets in Australia, says it is in discussions with an organization with a successful track record, to re-enter China in 2013.

Boost Juice launched in China in 2009, however, it failed to reach targets and as a result terminated its franchise agreement in mid last year.

Co-founder Janine Allis opened first Boost Juice in Adelaide in 2001 after noticing the juice bar trend on a holiday in the US. In addition to its Australian stores, it has opened 70 outlets internationally across 13 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Macau, Chile, South Africa and the UK.

Boost Juice is owned by Retail Zoo, which also operates franchise business Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill.

Source: InsideRetail Dec 2012

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