SkyPeople Fruit Juice: Established in 2001 in central China’s Shaanxi province, conveniently located in one of China’s primary fruit-growing regions. The area is particularly well known for kiwifruit, and SkyPeople is home to the largest kiwifruit plantation in Asia. Company’s top of the line processing and manufacturing facilities feature cutting edge equipment used to produce a diverse array of fruit juice and fruit products including kiwi juice, mulberry juice, apple juice and pear juice. (SkyPeople Products)


2001: Xi’an Zhonglv Ecology Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd. ( “Xi’an Zhonglv”)was established in Xi’an, Shaanxi province as a manufacturer of biodegradable starch resin and related products.

2003: Xi’an Zhonglv revised its business scope to begin producing concentrated fruit juices.

Jun 2005: Xi’an Zhonglv renamed as Shaanxi Tianren Organic Food Co., Ltd. ( “Shaanxi Tianren” ).

Dec 2005:  Shaanxi Tianren purchased Shaanxi Province Fruits Processing Factory located in Jingyang, Shaanxi Province.

May 2006: Shaanxi Tianren acquired 50.2% of the equity interest of Xi’an Jiaoda Qinmei Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd. ( “Jiaoda Qinmei “) in Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province, which then renamed as Xi’an Tianren Modern Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd.( ” Xi’an Tianren” ). From that time, the Company commenced production of kiwi fruit concentrated products and derivatives. Zhouzhi County is the hometown of kiwi fruit, where the kiwi plantation known as “Qinmei Plantation”, the largest kiwi plantation in Asia, is located.

Jun 2006: Shaanxi Tianren acquired another 40.95% of Xi’an Tianren. By then, Shaanxi Tianren held totally a 91.15% interest in Xi’an Tianren.

Aug 2006: Shaanxi Tianren increased its registered capital to $10.6315 million (88 million shares).

Sep 2006: Shaanxi Tianren reformed Shaanxi Province Fruits Processing Factory and established it as its Jingyang branch, which is positioned as a leading processor of pear juice products.

2007: Shaanxi Tianren became a joint venture with the scope of its business directed toward pre-packed food including concentrated fruit and vegetables juices, fructose, pectin, fast-frozen and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, and fruit cider.

Feb 2008: Shaanxi Tianren raised $3.4 million through private placement financing. Shaanxi Tianren listed on the OTC Bulletin Board through its parent Company, Entech Environmental Technology, Inc. (“Entech”) under the ticker of EEVT. Entech were initially incorporated in 1998 in Florida as Cyber Public Relations, Inc. On January 21, 2004, Cyber Public Relations, Inc. changed its name to Entech Environmental Technologies, Inc.

May 2008: Completed a 1-for-328.72898 reverse stock split of common shares with a mandatory 1-for-22.006 conversion of Series A Preferred Stock. Entech changed its name to SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc.( “SkyPeople”) and the ticker to SPFJ, effective May 23, 2008.

Jun 2008: Shaanxi Tianren acquired 100% of the ownership interest in Huludao Wonder Fruit Co., Ltd. (“Huludao Wonder”) to serve as the core manufacturing and processing facility for apple juice concentrate for the Company.

Oct 2009: SkyPeople officially listed On NYSE AMEX under a new ticker of SPU.

Nov 2009: Shaanxi Tianren completed the acquisition of 100% of the ownership interest in Yingkou Trusty Fruits Co., Ltd.( “Yingkou” ) to expand its business of apple juice concentrate.

Dec 2009: Shaanxi Tianren renamed as SkyPeople Juice Group Co., Ltd.( “SkyPeople (China)” ).

2010: SkyPeople successfully transferred from NYSE Amex to NASDAQ Global Market and started trading under the ticker of SPU.

Source: SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc.

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