India has several times raised the issue of market access to China for agricultural products. India-China bilateral trade stood at $75.5 billion, but the ballooning trade deficit in Beijing’s favor, which rose to about $40 billion in 2011-12, has raised concerns among Indian authorities.

“India has consistently been raising the issue of market access and removal of the bottleneck of Indian agricultural products with the Chinese side,” Minister of State for Commerce and Industry D Purandeswari said. She said that China has allowed entry of nine types of fruit – mangoes and grapes included – and eight varieties of vegetable, but 14 other fruits and vegetables are pending.

The minster said the government was doing everything in its power to speed up market access and bridge the trade deficit. She said that the global economic downturn had seen a decline on interest in India exports, including fresh produce, in many of the country’s traditional markets.

Source: Fresh Plaza Dec 2012

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