JiaDuoBao is topping the canned drink market through the first 9 months of 2012 with 11.12% of the total sales, followed by Coca Cola (10.27%) and Lulu brand almond milk (10.03%), according to data published by China Industrial Information Issuing Center (CIIIC).

It’s the sixth year for JDB to top the best-sold canned drinks since 2007. In the herbal tea industry, JDB significantly leads this market with a 73% market share. While JDB’s main competitor WangLaoJi only accounts for 8.9%, followed by HeQiZheng (4.3%) and BaoQingTang (0.5%)

According to the CIIIC, drinking water, carbonated beverages and fruit juice have lead the beverage industry up to September 2012, respectively accounting for 25.65%, 21.91% and 22.24% of the total beverage market.

Particularly, the herbal tea industry takes 7.21% of the total market with a year-on-year growth rate of 30%, far higher than the average growth rate of 10% of the total beverage industry, said Wan Donghua, director of the CIIIC.

According to JDB, the company’s sales in 2011 were between 16 and 18 billion yuan [~2.6 to 2.8 billion USD] and the total sales of 2012 are expected to exceed 20 billion yuan [~3.2 billion USD].

WangLaoJi has just announced a 2 billion yuan [320 million USD] investment in marketing in 2012. “The sales of WangLaoJi are targeted at 10 billion yuan [1.6 billion USD],” said Li Chuyuan, general manager of WangLaoJi Herbal Tea Operator in Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings.

JDB obtained the exclusive naming rights for The Voice of China with 200 million yuan [32 million USD] in the show’s second season and spent another 86 million yuan [~14 million USD] for the first unit of 10-second ad space after Xinwen Lianbo (National News Reports).

WangLaoJi was also reported to spend 500 billion yuan [~80 billion USD] partnering with CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV.

Source: Morning Whistle Dec 2012

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