The Belarusian-Chinese agricultural mechanical engineering joint venture Harbin Dong Jin Gomel increased harvester sales by more than three times in 2012 in comparison with the previous year. Located in Heilongjiang Province, China, the company sold 660 forage harvesters and ear corn harvesters, BelTA learned from Mr Igor Korotkevich, Head of the Non-CIS Sales Office of the manufacturing corporation Gomselmash.

Both sides are pleased with this year’s performance. The company is growing fast, the sales market has already gone beyond borders of Heilongjiang Province. Still the great distance between the two countries represents certain difficulties in the operation of the joint venture. The company has to face tough competition from well-known foreign manufacturers and local harvester manufacturers. “However, all the problems get resolved. It is most important that both sides desire to continue cooperation,” he said.

Consultations regarding the production volume in 2013 are now underway. “We hope that we will come to terms as early as December. We agree that the output should be raised. We just have to decide by how much we can afford raising it,” stated Igor Korotkevich.

Just like this year in 2013 the company will specialize in manufacturing ear corn harvesters 4YZQ-4. It is a self-propelled four-row ear corn harvester. The company will also offer upgraded modifications. The upgraded version uses less metal, allowing the company to reduce prime costs in batch production. The harvester has been fitted with a direct-flow ear delivery system for optimized harvesting.

The Belarusian-Chinese agricultural mechanical engineering joint venture Harbin Dong Jin Gomel was created in 2009. The founders are Gomselmash (Belarus) and Dong Jin Group Corporation (China). The joint venture specializes in assembling self-propelled forage harvesters KSK-600 Palesse FS60 and ear corn harvesters.

The manufacturing corporation Gomselmash offers machines for growing and harvesting major agricultural crops using modern agricultural technologies. The product choice comprises harvesters.

Source: Belarusian Telegraph Agency Dec 2012

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