The first wholesale flower market, a large direct flower selling platform, opened to the public in Dalian on Nov 18, Dalian Evening News reported.

The flower wholesale market, located in front of Dalian Dashang Airport, is about 5,000 square meters and consists of several areas, including a flower and plant zone, a bonsai and stone zone, and a flowerpot zone.

Nearly 100 shops in this market sell various flowers. One-third of the flowers are locally cultivated with the rest coming from Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places.

One flower supplier told Lu that Dalian would welcome its peak flower consumption season from December until Spring Festival.

The high-end flower market is dominated by flower varieties such as anthurium, butterfly orchid, cymbidium, cyclamen, chrysanthemum and grass flower.

Many Dalian local flowers will be sold in Heilongjiang province and other Northeast China hinterland cities through this wholesale market.

Source: China Daily Nov 2012

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