Out of USD 3,900 million that was sold abroad in Chilean seafood in 2011, USD 1.874 million was shipped to Asian countries, i.e. 47.7% of the total.

The most important markets for Chile in Asia are Japan, China, Thailand and South Korea; and the main products shipped are salmon, trout, mussels, cuttlefish, sea bass, hake, mackerel, crabs, sea urchins

Chile exported USD 1,874 million in seafood products to the Asian market in 2011. This figure represents 47.7% of USD 3,900 million of total shipments to the world.

The major Asian markets that concentrate the Chilean seafood supply are Japan, with a 35% share, China with 3%, Thailand and South Korea with 2% each. Shipments include salmon, trout, mussels, cuttlefish, sea bass, hake, mackerel, crabs, sea urchins.

If algae, its byproducts, fish oil and fish meal are included, exports to the Asian market reach USD 2,338 million, covering over 50% of total Chilean sea products exports.

“Total shipments of seafood to China exceeded USD 391 million in 2011, up 24% compared to 2010 when it reached USD 314 million. And in the first half of 2012, exports of seafood to China reached USD 142 million,” says Gonzalo Matamala, Trade Commissioner of Chile in China.

Chile is among the major powers of the world’s fishery industry. Its production is destined to more than one hundred international markets, which has allowed Chile to become the second largest producer of salmon after Norway, with total exports in 2011 that reached USD 2,926 million, equivalent to 385 thousand tons.

In recent years, the Chilean fisheries and aquaculture industry have carried out extensive work which has led to show a marked recovery. The solid institutional foundations and favorable regulations, coupled with the natural advantages such as long coastlines, water purity and highly nutritious food of the depths of the Pacific Ocean, have enabled high levels of production and an important international position.

Between November 6th and 8th, Chile will be attending the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo in Dalian, China, with an extraordinary convening power and importance for sea products in the Asian market.

The event presents a challenge for the participating companies, it brings together everyone involved in the supply chain of these products, enabling the generation of large volumes of business.

In the 2011 version, the fair received 15,300 industry professionals from more than 80 countries. In recent years, Chilean companies have consolidated their participation in the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo. In 2011, nine companies comprised the Chilean delegation, and this year Chile has strengthened the participation with 19 companies.

“It is the perfect showcase to display the attributes of Chile as a reliable producer and exporter of food and in particular, of seafood and aquaculture,” says Gonzalo Matamala, Trade Commissioner of Chile in China. Mr. Matamala added that “it is a good opportunity to introduce value added products that Chilean companies produce such as canned products, filleted, dried seaweed, all appreciated by consumers in the Asian market.”

Between 2005 and 2011 the total trade between Chile and China reached USD 120,116 million, making China the largest trading partner of Chile, and Chile’s second largest trading partner of China in the region.

In 2011, Chilean exports to China reached USD 18,617 million, representing an increase of 9.8% compared to 2010. Moreover, Chile’s imports from China reached USD 11,238 million, with a variation of 35% in the same period.

Source: EIN NEWS Nov 2012

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