Chinese consumers had to dig deeper into their pockets in August 2012 when purchasing foods. Fresh vegetables were 23.8% more expensive. The National Bureau of Statistics reported recently that the price index for food was 3.4% higher than last year. Of foods which were compared to August 2011, in particular fresh vegetables (+23.8%) and fruit (+9.7%) were more expensive.

For both grain and dairy products consumers paid 3% more. The developments in meat and sausage were very different. For these products, the average price level in August 2012 rose by 1% compared to the previous month, but compared to August 2011, however, these were 6.6% cheaper. Especially pork prices fell drastically. Pork cost consumers in August 2012, 18.5% less than twelve months ago.

Over the entire period from January to August the general price increased in China averaged 2.9%, food products were on average 5.9% more expensive compared to the same period last year.

Source: Fresh Plaza Oct 2012

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