Kazakhstan Wants to Increase Agricultural Exports to China

In order to seize the Chinese market, Kazakh farmers need to unite in cooperatives, said National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken Deputy Chairperson Nurzhan Altayev during a briefing on promoting his nation’s products…Full Article: The Astana Times Nov 2016 Key Point According to an official from Kazakhstan’s National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, China has lifted restrictions on

Two New Russian Transportation Corridors to Link Up with the Provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin

“Russian fish caught in the morning would be served at the lunch table of Chinese, and it is not a dream,” said Maxim Kareyev, a veteran fisherman in Vladivostok, Russia’s Far East. More and more seafoods, particularly shrimps and lobsters, have been sold to Northeast China, Beijing and other Chinese areas over the past few

New Zealander Honey Producer Signs Distribution Agreement with Chinese Company

New Zealand based Manuka Health, one of the country’s leading manuka honey producers, on Wednesday [31 August 2016] signed a three-year distribution agreement with Beijing-based Chao Pi Commercial & Trading., LTD. The strategic partnership agreement was signed at the Auckland offices of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and attended by the Minister for Trade Todd

Australian Honey Producer Accused of Not Selling Authentic Local Honey to China

Australia’s Capilano Honey only exports 100 percent authentic Australian honey to China and nothing less, assured its top executive. The company’s chief executive Ben McKee said the company has never sold blended honey originating from different countries other than Australia to China…Full Article: ECNS.cn Aug 2016 Key Point Australia’s Capilano is accused of importing Chinese

China’s Honey Industry In Need of Trained Beekeepers

Although China is one of the world’s largest exporters of honey, life is anything but sweet for the producers. The average age of the nation’s apiculturists is rising and young people are shunning the industry, meaning that ancient skills and techniques may soon be lost forever. He Na reports from Yichun, Heilongjiang province…Full Article: China

Argentina in Talks to Export Beef and Honey to China

Argentine beef and honey may soon make their way onto Chinese dinner tables, if current quality control and inspection by Chinese representatives give exports the green light. Amid efforts to promote bilateral strategic partnership, officials from China and Argentina are brought together in Buenos Aires in recent days, with Chinese inspectors dispatched to certify production