Agri-Food Companies

Identifying and assessing the market strength of Chinese food and agricultural companies is a specialty of ChinaAg. ChinaAg maintains a comprehensive catalogue of agricultural enterprises that not only includes cutting-edge biotechnology firms but also industry mainstays such as dairy producers and food processors. A company’s history, product line, financial statements, key competitors, and growth possibilities are all benchmarks analyzed by ChinaAg. ChinaAg also maintains a list of Chinese soybean, wheat, corn, barley, and sorghum importers and their primary port of operations.

China's Agri-Food Companies

China’s agribusiness sector is surprisingly young given the country’s long and storied agricultural history. More than half of the analyzed agricultural companies were founded during a 12 year period that ran from 1992 to 2003. During the early 1990s, both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges were formally opened, boosting growth potential for new companies looking to finance their enterprises. In early 1992, Deng Xiaoping embarked on his “South China” tour to cement his capitalist market reforms in the wake of the Soviet Union’s recent collapse. The resultant flowering of agricultural companies peaked in 1998 (a year after Deng’s death) when 31 companies were founded. In 2003, China became a net importer of agricultural goods, curtailing the establishment of new agricultural enterprises. Since then, China’s agricultural trade deficit has only grown, particularly in its soybean, corn, and dairy sectors To shore up its domestic agribusiness industry, China has supported “Going Global” policy of investing in and acquiring foreign agricultural enterprises.

Founding of Companies


Distribution of Companies


60 agricultural enterprises are headquartered in Hong Kong

1 agricultural enterprise is headquartered in Macau

Stock Exchange Listings &

Privately Held Companies

As a state managed economy, it is no surprise that privately held and state owned enterprises comprise the largest share of agricultural enterprises in China. Of the 201 privately held companies, those involved in grains and seeds were relatively more abundant than those involved in the dairy, meat, agrochemical, and processed food sector. China’s grains and seeds companies are likely more apt to be privately owned due to their strategic importance in maintaining the country’s food security.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange notched the next largest share with 104 agricultural company listings. Shenzhen, home to China’s “new economy”, has catered to the growing middle class’ increased diet of meat by holding the dominant share of the country’s meat, animal feed, aquaculture, and agrochemical companies. Following Shenzhen was Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region that hosts a free port and supporting free trade agreement with mainland China.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, China’s oldest, lists a diverse set of 101 agricultural companies including those involved in the restaurant, beverage, dairy, food additive, meat, processed food, retail, and wine sector.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange, the bulwark of China’s economic boom, lists 74 agricultural enterprises including agrochemical, beer, dairy, grains, liquor, meat, retail, seeds, textiles, and wine companies.

Foreign listed companies, numbering 35, are primarily listed on exchanges in New York and Singapore, and range from private equity firms to retailers and vegetable producers.

Breakdown of Companies


List of Companies

Company Founded HQ Location Exchange & Ticker Industry
3i Group 1945 London United Kingdom LON:III Private Equity (Restaurants)
Agria Corporation (ADR) 2004 Hong Kong Hong Kong NYSE:GRO Seeds (Corn, Vegetables), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Agricultural Bank Of China 1951 Beijing Beijing HKG:1288 Finance
Aini Coffee 1993 Kunming Yunnan Privately Held Beverages (Coffee)
Ajisen China 1996 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0538 Retail (Restaurants), Processed Food (Instant Noodles)
American Lorain 1994 Linyi Shandong NYSEMKT:ALN Processed Food (Chestnuts, Frozen Fruit, Frozen Vegetables, Meat)
Anhui Andeli Department Store 1984 Hefei Anhui SHA:603031 Retail (Supermarkets)
Anhui Golden Seed Winery 1949 Fuyang Anhui SHA:600199 Liquor (Baijiu)
Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry  1984 Ma'anshan Anhui SHE:002018 Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides)
Anhui Huilong Agricultural Group 1962 Hefei Anhui SHE:002556 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers, Pesticides), Seeds
Anhui King Wen Liquor Brewing (Legend Holdings) 1958 Fuyang Anhui Privately Held Liquor (Baijiu)
Anhui Liuguo Chemical 2000 Tongling Anhui SHA:600470 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Anhui Yingjia Distillery 1955 Lu'an Anhui SHA:603198 Liquor (Baijiu)
Anji Foodstuff 1995 Quanzhou Fujian SHA:603696 Seasonings (Chicken Powder, Spices, Pepper, Cumin, Curry, Aniseed), Sauces (Chili, Oyster, Black Bean, Garlic, Shrimp, Sea Cucumber), Soup
Anyou Biotechnology Group 1992 Taicang Jiangsu Privately Held Animal Feed (Hogs)
Aoxin Tianli 2005 Wuhan Hubei NASDAQ:ABAC Meat (Pork), Animal Feed (Hogs)
Apple Flavor & Fragrance Group 1995 Shanghai Shanghai SHA:603020 Food Additives (Flavor Enhancers, Fragrance, Dairy, Candy, Snacks)
ASC Fine Wines 1996 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Wine (Distribution), Liquor (Distribution), Mineral Water
Asia Green Agriculture  2008 Nanping Fujian OTCMKTS:AGAC Fruits (Grapes), Vegetables (Bamboo, Corn, Potato, Mushrooms)
Asian Citrus 2000 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0073 Fruits (Citrus)
Asian Seafoods (Zhanjiang) 2002 Zhanjiang Guangdong Privately Held Aquaculture (Fish, Shrimp)
Ausnutria Dairy 2003 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:1717 Dairy (Infant Formula)
Bai Nian Li Yuan (Beijing Century Chestnut Ecological Agriculture) 2005 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Meat (Poultry), Eggs
Baidu Waimai 2014 Beijing Beijing NASDAQ:BIDU Retail (E-commerce, Food Delivery)
Baixiang Food 1989 Zhengzhou Henan Privately Held Processed Food (Instant Noodles, Flour, Pasta, Bread), Beverages (Water, Tea, Juice)
Baiyang Investment Group 2000 Nanning Guangxi SHE:002696 Aquaculture (Fish, Shrimp, Animal Feed)
Baolingbao Biology 1997 Yucheng Shandong SHE:002286 Sugar (Corn Syrup, Galactose), Food Additives (Corn Starch, Erythritol)
Baotou Huazi Industry  1998 Baotou Inner Mongolia SHA:600191 Sugar (Beet)
Baring Private Equity Asia 1997 Hong Kong Hong Kong Privately Held Private Equity (Cereal, Meat, Milk)
Beidahuang Group 1998 Harbin Heilongjiang Privately Held Grains (Corn, Rice, Wheat), Oilseeds (Soy), Meat (Pork), Dairy, Edible Oils, Aquaculture, Vegetables (Potato)
Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group 2009 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Dairy, Meat, Veterinary Vaccines, Processed Food, Animal Feed
Beijing Da Bei Nong (DBN) Technology 1993 Beijing Beijing SHE:002385 Animal Feed (Hogs), Seeds (GMO, Rice, Corn, Soy), Agrochemicals (Pesticides)
Beijing Dafa Chia Tai 1985 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Meat (Poultry, Offal), Processed Food (Poultry, Beef), Animal Feed
Beijing Huadu Group 1975 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Meat (Poultry), Veterinary Vaccines (Poultry)
Beijing Hualian Hypermarket 1996 Beijing Beijing SHA:600361 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
Beijing Jinfeng Hengye Agriculture Development 2016 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Beverages (Tea)
Beijing Sanyuan Foods 1997 Beijing Beijing SHA:600429 Dairy (Milk, Infant Formula, Cheese, Beverages)
Beijing Shunxin Agriculture 1998 Beijing Beijing SHE:000860 Meat (Pork), Liquor
Beijing Tong Ren Tang 1669 Beijing Beijing HKG:8138 Chinese Medicine
Beijing Urban-Rural Trade Centre 1992 Beijing Beijing SHA:600861 Retail (Supermarkets, E-commerce)
Beijing Xianlife E-Commerce 2014 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (E-commerce)
Beijing Yanjing Brewery  1993 Beijing Beijing SHE:000729 Beer
Beingmate Baby & Child Food 1992 Hangzhou Zhejiang SHE:002570 Dairy (Milk, Infant Formula)
Biocentury Transgene China 1998 Shenzhen Guangdong Privately Held Seeds (Cotton, GMO)
Blackcow Food 1998 Shantou City Guangdong SHE:002387 Beverages (Soy), Processed Food (Cereal)
Blackstone Group  1985 New York City USA NYSE:BX Private Equity (Vegetables)
Boyu Capital 2010 Hong Kong Hong Kong Privately Held Private Equity (E-commerce, Meat)
BreadTalk Group 2000 Singapore Singapore SGX:5DA Retail (Bakery)
Bright Dairy & Food 2006 Shanghai Shanghai SHA:600597 Dairy (Milk, Infant Formula, Yogurt, Cheese, Beverages)
Bright Food (Group) 2006 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Dairy, Sugar, Meat, Vegetables, Rice, Wine, Processed Food (Candy), Retail
Café de Coral 1968 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0341 Retail (Restaurants), Meat (Ham, Sausage)
Capital Today 2005 Hong Kong Hong Kong Privately Held Private Equity (E-commerce, Nuts)
CDH Investments 2002 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Private Equity (Dairy, Meat)
Century Food Company 2015 Hong Kong Hong Kong Privately Held Eggs (Distribution)
Changjiang Fertilizer Holdings 2002 Changsha Hunan SGX:JA9 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Changli County Yanjiang Grape Seedlings 2014 Qinhuangdao Hebei Privately Held Fruits (Grapes)
Changmao Biochemical Engineering 1992 Changzhou Jiangsu HKG:0954 Food Additives (Organic Acids)
Changshouhua Food  2001 Binzhou Shandong HKG:1006 Edible Oils (Corn Oil, Peanut Oil, Rice Oil, Olive Oil)
Chaoda Modern Agriculture  1997 Fuzhou Fujian HKG:0682 Vegetables (Peppers, Cucumbers, Potato), Fruits, Processed Food (Frozen Food), Grains (Rice), Meat
Chayu 2013 Chongqing Chongqing Privately Held Beverages (Tea), Retail (E-commerce)
Chengdu Hongqi Chain 2000 Chengdu Sichuan SHE:002697 Retail (Supermarkets, E-commerce)
Chengdu World Network Info Tech 2006 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Chinese Medicine, Retail (E-commerce)
Chenguang Biotech Group 2000 Handan Hebei SHE:300138 Food Additives (Paprika Extract, Marigold Oleoresin, Curcumin, Red Cabbage/Beet, Black Pepper Extract, Ginger Extract, Turmeric Oil, Cumin Extract, Garlic Extract, Fennel Extract, Nutmeg Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Astaxanthin, Lutein, Lycopene), Edible Oils (Cottonseed)
China Agri-Industries 2006 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0606 Grains (Rice, Wheat Flour), Oilseeds (Soy Meal), Edible Oils
China Animal Husbandry Industry 1982 Beijing Beijing SHA:600195 Animal Feed (Hogs, Aquaculture, Poultry, Feed Additives, DDGS, Alfalfa), Veterinary Vaccines (Hogs, Aquaculture, Poultry), Dairy (Milk Powder, Whey Protein), Poultry (Broiler Breeders), Meat (Beef), Honey, Pet Food
China Aquatic 2014 Rongcheng Shandong Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Aquaculture)
China Beidahuang Industry 2001 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0039 Liquor, Wine, Ethanol, Animal Feed
China BlueChemical 2000 Beijing Beijing HKG:3983 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
China Candy Holdings 2000 Quanzhou Fujian HKG:8182 Processed Food (Candy)
China Culiangwang Beverages 1998 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0904 Beverages (Juice, Soft Drinks), Processed Food
China Dairy Corp 2005 Sydney Australia ASX:CDC Dairy (Milk)
China Dalian International  1984 Dalian Liaoning SHE:000881 Aquaculture (Fish), Logistics (Shipping)
China Finance Investment Holdings 1992 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0875 Vegetables
China Fishery 2001 Hong Kong Hong Kong SGX:B0Z Aquaculture (Fish, Fish Meal, Fish Oil)
China Flavors and Fragrances 1991 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:3318 Food Additives (Flavor Enhancers)
China Foods 1990 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0506 Wine (Red, White), Beverages (Soft Drinks), Edible Oils, Processed Food (Candy)
China Geo-Engineering Corporation (CGC) 1982 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Vegetables (Cassava), Edible Oils (Palm), Rice, Seeds, Machinery, Irrigation
China Grain Reserves (Sinograin) 2000 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Grains (Rice, Corn, Wheat), Oilseeds (Soy, Rapeseed), Logistics
China Great Wall Wine 1983 Shacheng Hebei Privately Held Wine (Red, White, Rice)
China Green Agriculture 1998 Xi'an Shaanxi NYSE:CGA Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
China Greenfresh 1995 Xiamen Fujian HKG:6183 Vegetables (Mushrooms), Processed Food
China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering 1953 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
China Huishan Dairy 1951 Shenyang Liaoning HKG:6863 Dairy (Milk, Infant Formula), Animal Feed (Alfalfa)
China Huiyuan Juice 1992 Beijing Beijing HKG:1886 Beverages (Juice)
China International Marine (Ziemann Holvrieka) 1980 Shenzhen Guangdong SHE:000039 Machinery (Beer, Juice, Dairy, Edible Oils)
China Kangda Food 1992 Qingdao Shandong HKG:0834 Meat (Rabbit, Processed Food)
China Mengniu Dairy 1999 Hohhot Inner Mongolia HKG:2319 Dairy (Milk, Ice Cream, Infant Formula, Yogurt, Cheese)
China Minzhong Food 1971 Putian Fujian SGX:K2N Vegetables (Mushrooms, Tomato, Garlic)
China Modern Agricultural Information 2008 Harbin Heilongjiang OTCMKTS:CMCI Dairy (Milk)
China Modern Dairy 2005 Ma'anshan Anhui HKG:1117 Dairy (Milk)
China National Chemical (ChemChina) 2004 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Fertilizers), Seeds (Corn, GMO), Rubber
China National Cotton Reserves Corporation 2003 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Textiles (Cotton)
China National Seed 1978 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Seeds (Corn, Rice, Wheat, GMO, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Vegetables, Flowers)
China New Borun 2000 Shouguang Shandong NYSE:BORN Liquor (Corn), Animal Feed (DDGS, Corn)
China Ocean Shipping (COSCO) 1961 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Logistics (Shipping)
China Putian Food 2005 Putian Fujian HKG:1699 Meat (Pork)
China Quanjude 1864 Beijing Beijing SHE:002186 Retail (Restaurants)
China Resources Beer 1992 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0291 Beer, Beverages, Retail (Supermarkets)
China Shengmu Organic Milk 2009 Bayannur Inner Mongolia HKG:1432 Dairy (Milk)
China Shipping (Group) 1997 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Logistics (Shipping)
China Shun Ke Long 2003 Foshan Guangdong HKG:0974 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
China Tontine Wines 2001 Tonghua Jilin HKG:0389 Wine (Red, White)
China XLX Fertiliser 1969 Xinxiang Henan HKG:1866 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
China Yurun Food 1993 Nanjing Jiangsu HKG:1068 Meat (Pork, Poultry, Chilled Meat, Sausage, Ham, Bacon)
China Zhongdi Dairy 2002 Beijing Beijing HKG:1492 Dairy (Milk)
China-Africa Machinery Corporation (CAMACO) 2006 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Machinery (Tractor, Harvester)
Chinatex Grains and Oils 1951 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Grains (Corn, Rice, Wheat), Edible Oils (Soybean Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil), Textiles (Cotton, Wool)
Chinese Food and Beverage 1999 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:8272 Retail (Restaurants)
Chongqing Agricultural Products 2010 Chongqing Chongqing Privately Held Vegetables (Tomato, Potato), Fruits (Pears, Cherries, Kiwifruit) Meat (Poultry, Pork), Processed Food (Eggs, Pickles, Bamboo), Tea, Honey
Chongqing Brewery  1958 Chongqing Chongqing SHA:600132 Beer
Chongqing Fuling Zhacai 1988 Chongqing Chongqing SHE:002507 Processed Food (Pickled Vegetables, Mustard, Kale, Radish, Pepper)
Chongqing Hondo 2010 Chongqing Chongqing Privately Held Meat (Beef), Processed Food (Meat)
Chongqing Minmetal and Machinery 1983 Chongqing Chongqing Privately Held Machinery (Fertilizers, Soy)
Christine International 1993 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:1210 Retail, Processed Food (Bread, Cakes)
Chuying Agro-Pastoral  1988 Zhengzhou Henan SHE:002477 Meat (Pork), Vegetables
CIMC Enric Holdings 2004 Shenzhen Guangdong HKG:3899 Machinery (Beverages, Beer, Juice, Dairy, Edible Oils)
CITIC Group 1979 Beijing Beijing HKG:0267 Finance, Wine, Logistics, Retail
CITIC Guoan Wine  1997 Ürümqi Xinjiang SHA:600084 Wine (Red)
CitySuper 1996 Hong Kong Hong Kong Privately Held Retail (Supermarkets)
CK Life Sciences 2000 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0775 Wine, Salt, Grass, Agrochemicals (Fertilizers), Grains
Classified Group 2006 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:8232 Retail (Restaurants)
CNFC Overseas Fishery  1997 Beijing Beijing SHE:000798 Aquaculture (Fish, Squid)
COFCO Biochemical Anhui 1998 Bengbu Anhui SHE:000930 Food Additives (Citric Acid), Biofuel (Ethanol), Edible Oils, Fruits
COFCO Engineering Equipment 1959 Zhangjiakou Hebei Privately Held Grains (Wheat, Flour), Machinery (Grain Processing)
COFCO Group 1949 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Grains, Oilseeds, Dairy, Meat, Wine, Processed Food, Beverages (Tea)
COFCO Meat Holdings 2009 Beijing Beijing HKG:1610 Meat (Pork)
COFCO Xinjiang Tunhe 1949 Ürümqi Xinjiang SHA:600737 Processed Food (Sugar, Tomato, Fruit Puree, Juice)
Convenience Retail Asia 1985 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0831 Retail (Convenience Stores), Processed Food (Bread, Cakes)
CP Lotus 1981 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0121 Retail (Supermarkets)
CPMC Holdings 1991 Hangzhou Zhejiang HKG:0906 Food Packaging
DaChan Food 1995 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:3999 Meat (Poultry), Animal Feed, Eggs
Dah Chong Hong 1949 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:1828 Retail (Supermarkets), Processed Food (Meat), Beverages (Coffee, Tea)
Dahu Aquaculture 1999 Changde Hunan SHA:600257 Aquaculture (Fish, Crabs, Oysters), Wine
Dairy Farm International 1886 Hong Kong Hong Kong SGX:D01 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
Dali Foods 1989 Quanzhou Fujian HKG:3799 Processed Food (Cakes, Cookies, Chips), Beverages (Energy, Tea, Milk)
Dalian Hanwei Enterprise 1982 Dalian Liaoning Privately Held Eggs, Aquaculture (Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Seaweed)
Dalian Nongken Beidahuang 2007 Dalian Liaoning Privately Held Grains (Corn, Rice), Oilseeds (Soy), Beans (Kidney, Mung, Cowpea), Aquaculture (Fish Meal), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Dalian Tianbao Green Foods 1997 Dalian Liaoning SHE:002220 Aquaculture (Fish, Crab, Shrimp), Dairy (Ice Cream), Fruits, Beans (Kidney)
Dalian Yi Qiao Sea Cucumber 2001 Dalian Liaoning SHE:002447 Aquaculture (Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Scallops) 2010 Beijing Beijing Privately Held (E-commerce, Food Delivery)
Daqing Dairy  1970 Daqing Heilongjiang HKG:1007 Dairy (Milk, Ice Cream, Infant Formula)
Daxiangshan Group 2011 Baofeng Henan Privately Held Retail (Supermarkets)
Dehong Hogood Coffee 2007 Kunming Yunnan Privately Held Beverages (Coffee)
Deqin Group 2003 Zhoushan Zhejiang Privately Held Logistics (Shipping)
Deyu Agriculture 2008 Beijing Beijing OTCMKTS:LUCC Grains (Corn, Rice), Oilseeds (Soy), Legumes
Dianping 2003 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Retail (Restaurant Review)
Dicos 1994 Chengdu Sichuan Privately Held Retail (Fast Food)
DJI Technology 2006 Shenzhen Guangdong Privately Held Machinery (UAV, Drones)
Dong-E-E-Jiao  1952 Liaocheng Shandong SHE:000423 Chinese Medicine
Dongfang Modern Agriculture  2005 Sydney Australia ASX:DFM Fruits (Citrus)
Dongling Grain & Oil 1999 Guangzhou Guangdong SHE:000893 Edible Oils (Soybean Oil, Palm Oil), Grains (Corn, Sorghum, Barley, DDGS)
DT Capital Partners 2006 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Private Equity (Meat, Logistics, Fruit, Vegetables, Processed Food, Retail)
Dxcel International Trading 1997 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Liquor (Distribution), Beer (Distribution)
Dynasty Fine Wine 1980 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0828 Wine (Red, White)
East Dawning 2004 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Retail (Fast Food)
Eleme 2009 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Restaurants)
Epicurean and Company 2001 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:8213 Retail (Restaurants)
Epinduo 2016 Heihe Heilongjiang Privately Held Retail (E-commerce)
Fast Gourmet Group Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Retail (Fast Food, Restaurants)
Foresun Group (Heilongjiang Hengyang Cattle Industry) 2000 Qiqihar Heilongjiang Privately Held Meat (Beef, Pork, Processed Food)
Fortune Ng Fung Food (Hebei) 1998 Langfang Hebei SHA:600965 Meat (Beef, Lamb, Sausage, Duck), Dairy (Milk, Yogurt), Processed Food, Retail (Restaurants)
Foshan Haitian Flavouring & Food 1995 Foshan Guangdong SHA:603288 Sauces (Soy, Oyster, Vinegar), Processed Food (Tofu), Seasonings (Chicken Powder)
Four Seas Mercantile  1971 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0374 Processed Food (Chips, Candy, Frozen Food), Beverages, Dairy, Retail
FruitDay 2006 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Fruits, Processed Food, Meat, Aquaculture)
Fu Ji Food & Catering Services 1999 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:1175 Retail (Restaurants, Catering), Processed Food
Fufeng Group 1999 Linyi Shandong HKG:0546 Food Additives (MSG, Xanthan Gum), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers), Edible Oils
Fujian Anxi Eight Horses Tea (Bama Tea) 1993 Anxi Fujian Privately Held Beverages (Tea)
Fujian Haocaitou Food 1985 Jinjiang Fujian Privately Held Beverages (Yogurt, Water), Processed Food (Candy, Baked Goods)
Fujian Kangzhiwei Foods 2000 Zhangzhou Fujian Privately Held Beverages (Juice, Tea, Water, Sports Drinks)
Fujian Sunner Development  1983 Nanping Fujian SHE:002299 Meat (Poultry)
Fujian Yanjing Huiquan Brewery 1997 Quanzhou Fujian SHA:600573 Beer
Fulum Group Holdings 1992 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:1443 Retail (Restaurants)
Funglian Holdings (Alcohol Business Division of Legend Holdings) 2010 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Liquor (Baijiu)
Future Bright 1984 Macau Macau HKG:0703 Retail (Restaurants)
Gansu Dunhuang Seed 1998 Jiuquan Gansu SHA:600354 Seeds (Cotton, Grains, GMO)
Gansu Huangtai Wine 1998 Wuwei Gansu SHE:000995 Liquor (Brandy), Wine (Red)
Gansu Mogao Industrial Development 1995 Lanzhou Gansu SHA:600543 Wine (Red, White), Liquor (Brandy)
Gansu Yasheng Industrial 1995 Lanzhou Gansu SHA:600108 Seeds (Corn), Vegetables (Potato), Fruits, Animal Feed
GLG Life Tech Corp 2005 Richmond Canada Privately Held Food Additives (Stevia, Monk Fruit Extract, Pea Protein, Grapeseed Extract, Turmeric Extract, Beetroot Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Pumpkin Seeds. Plant Extracts/Powders, Erythritol, Tapioca, Lycopene)
Golden Wing Mau Agricultural Produce 1998 Shenzhen Guangdong Privately Held Fruits (Blueberries, Kiwifruit, Cherries, Apples, Pears, Oranges, Pomelo, Lemons, Limes, Peaches, Jujube, Loquat, Pomegranate, Pineapple, Grapes, Coconuts, Melons, Papaya, Plums, Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan, Jackfruit, Dragon Fruit, Avocado)
Golong Pharmaceutical 1989 Ma'anshan Anhui Privately Held Chinese Medicine
Great Sun Foods 1992 Shantou Guangdong Privately Held Fruits (Apples, Pears, Citrus), Vegetables (Lettuce, Onion, Carrots)
Guangdong Dahuanong Animal Health 2004 Yunfu Guangdong SHE:300186 Veterinary Vaccines (Poultry, Hogs, Aquaculture), Veterinary Medicine, Animal Feed (Additives)
Guangdong Guanghong 1992 Guangzhou Guangdong SHE:000529 Meat (Poultry, Pork, Processed Food), Eggs, Snacks
Guangdong Guanghong Jiujiang Feed Foshan Guangdong Privately Held Animal Feed (Poultry, Hogs, Aquaculture)
Guangdong Guangken Rubber Group 2002 Guangzhou Guangdong Privately Held Rubber
Guangdong Haid Group 1998 Guangzhou Guangdong SHE:002311 Animal Feed (Aquaculture, Poultry, Hogs), Veterinary Vaccines (Poultry, Hogs), Pet Food, Meat (Pork)
Guangdong Jialong Food 2001 Puning Guangdong SHE:002495 Seasonings (Chicken Powder), Sauces (Chicken, Tomato, Mushrooms, Mustard), Canned Corn
Guangdong Jianlibao 1984 Foshan Guangdong Privately Held Beverages (Soft Drinks)
Guangdong Land (Kingway Brewery) 1990 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0124 Beer (Property Development)
Guangdong SO Dragon Food  2003 Guangzhou Guangdong Privately Held Processed Food (Canned Fruit, Sugar, Jelly, Pudding, Corn), Beverages (Juice)
Guangdong Strong Food 1993 Shenzhen Guangdong Privately Held Processed Food (Fruit, Jelly, Pudding, Candy, Seaweed), Beverages (Milk Tea)
Guangdong Tiandi Yihao Beverage 2002 Jiangmen Guangdong Privately Held Beverages (Apple Vinegar)
Guangdong Wenshi Food 1983 Yunfu Guangdong SHE:300498 Meat (Poultry, Pork), Dairy (Milk, Yogurt)
Guangdong Yantang Dairy 1956 Guangzhou Guangdong SHE:002732 Dairy (Milk, Yogurt)
Guangdong Yuehai Feed Group 1994 Zhanjiang Guangdong Privately Held Animal Feed (Fish, Shrimps, Prawns), Aquaculture
Guangxi Sugar Wholesale Market 1993 Liuzhou Guangxi Privately Held Sugar (Wholesale)
Guangxia (Yinchuan) Industry  1994 Yinchuan Ningxia SHE:000557 Wine (Red, White, Rose)
Guangzhou Jiangnan Vegetable & Fruit Wholesale Market 1994 Guangzhou Guangdong Privately Held Retail (Wholesale, Fruits, Vegetables)
Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients 1995 Guilin Guangxi SHE:002166 Food Additives (Stevia, Mangosteen Extract, Lycopene, Bilberry Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Tea Extracts, Fruit Extracts)
Guizhentang Pharmaceutical 2000 Quanzhou Fujian Privately Held Chinese Medicine
Guo Shu Hao (World Good Farming) 2011 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (Supermarkets)
G-Vision International 1984 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0657 Retail (Restaurants)
Hainan Shennong Gene Technology 2000 Haikou Hainan SHE:300189 Seeds (Rice, Hybrids, Oilseeds)
Hainan Yedao Group 1993 Haikou Hainan SHA:600238 Liquor (Rice, Sugar, Baijiu), Wine (Rice), Beverages
Haixin Foods 1903 Fuzhou Fujian SHE:002702 Processed Food (Aquaculture, Frozen Food)
Hangzhou Ganqishi Restaurant 2009 Hangzhou Zhejiang Privately Held Retail (Restaurants)
Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-tech 2003 Hangzhou Zhejiang Privately Held Aquaculture (Fish, Caviar)
Hangzhou Wahaha 1987 Hangzhou Zhejiang Privately Held Beverages (Soft Drinks, Juice, Milk, Tea, Water)
Hanswine Swine Industry (subsidiary) 2013 Ma'anshan Anhui SHE:002124 Meat (Pork)
Haoxiangni Jujube 1992 Zhengzhou Henan SHE:002582 Fruits (Jujube, Dates)
Hebei Chengde Qianlong Liquor (Legend Holdings) 1956 Chengde Hebei Privately Held Liquor (Baijiu)
Hebei Hengshui Laobaigan Liquor 1999 Hengshui Hebei SHA:600559 Liquor (Baijiu), Meat (Pork)
Hefei Fengle Seed  1984 Hefei Anhui SHE:000713 Seeds (Grains, GMO, Fruits, Vegetables)
Heilongjiang Agriculture Company 1998 Harbin Heilongjiang SHA:600598 Grains (Corn, Rice, Soy), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Heilongjiang Binxi Cattle Industry 2005 Harbin Heilongjiang Privately Held Meat (Beef, Poultry, Lamb), Organic Fertilizer
Heilongjiang Grand Farm 1982 Harbin Heilongjiang Privately Held Meat (Beef, Lamb, Venison, Processed Food)
Henan Huaying Agri Development 1991 Xinyang Henan SHE:002321 Meat (Poultry)
Henan Nanjiecun Group 1988 Nanjie Henan Collectivized Processed Food (Instant Noodles, Flour, Candy), Food Additives (Peanut Milk Powder, Pea Milk Powder), Sauces (Soy), Forest Products (Paper), Beer, Chinese Medicine
Henan Shuanghui 1958 Luohe Henan SHE:000895 Meat (Pork)
Henan Smart Food 1991 Jiaozuo Henan Privately Held Processed Food (Instant Noodles, Flour, Pasta), Beverages (Water, Sports Drinks)
Heng Tai Consumables 1994 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0197 Fruits (Citrus), Processed Food (Frozen Food), Logistics
Hengfeng Fresh Produce 2005 Heze Shandong Privately Held Fruits (Apples, Pears, Citrus), Vegetables (Onions, Potatoes, Carrots, Garlic)
Hong Kong Food Investment 1991 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0060 Processed Food (Frozen Food, Candy, Meat), Beverages, Retail
Honworld Group 2012 Huzhou Zhejiang HKG:2226 Sauces (Cooking Wine, Soy, Vinegar)
Hony Capital (Legend Holdings) 2003 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Private Equity (Restaurants)
Hopewell Holdings 1963 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0054 Retail (Restaurants, Catering)
Hopu Investment Management 2007 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Private Equity (Grains, Oilseeds, Sugar, Fast Food, Meat)
Hsu Fu Chi International 1992 Dongguan Guangdong Privately Held Processed Food (Candy, Snacks, Jelly, Rice)
Huabao International  1996 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0336 Food Additives (Flavor Enhancers), Tobacco
Huafu Top Dyed Melange Yarn  1993 Shenzhen Guangdong SHE:002042 Textiles (Cotton, Yarn)
Huangshan City Qimen Qimenxiang Tea 2003 Huangshan Anhui Privately Held Beverages (Tea)
Huangshan Xinanyuan Organic Tea 1998 Huangshan Anhui Privately Held Beverages (Tea)
Huangtaiji 2012 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (Restaurants)
Huaxia Dairy Farm 2004 Sanhe Hebei Privately Held Dairy (Milk, Yogurt)
Hubei Province Changjiang Industry Investment 2010 Wuhan Hubei Privately Held Finance (Grains, Oilseeds, Animal Feed, Edible Oils, Liquor)
Hubei Provincial Seed Group 1978 Wuhan Hubei Privately Held Seeds (Rice, Corn, Cotton, Sesame, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Legumes, Potatoes, Fruits)
Hubei Sanonda 1958 Jingzhou Hubei SHE:200553 Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides)
Hubei Shendan Healthy Food  1999 Wuhan Hubei Privately Held Eggs (Processed Food)
Hubei Wuchangyu 1999 Ezhou Hubei SHA:600275 Aquaculture (Fish), Vegetables, Animal Feed (Poultry, Hogs)
Hubei Xinyangfeng Fertilizer 1999 Jingmen Hubei SHE:000902 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Hubei Zhouheiya Food  2002 Wuhan Hubei HKG:1458 Meat (Duck, Goose), Retail
Huisheng International 1983 Changde Hunan HKG:1340 Meat (Pork), Processed Food
Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming 1997 Huaihua Hunan SHE:002505 Meat (Pork, Beef, Sheep), Dairy
Hunan Jinjian Cereals Industry  1998 Changde Hunan SHA:600127 Grains (Rice), Edible Oils (Rapeseed Oil, Rice Oil), Dairy (Peanut Milk, Yogurt), Processed Food (Instant Noodles)
Hunan New Wellful 2001 Changsha Hunan SHA:600975 Meat (Pork)
Hunan Wuling Liquor (Legend Holdings) 1952 Changde Hunan Privately Held Liquor (Baijiu)
Hunan Xuanye Ecological Agriculture 2013 Changsha Hunan Privately Held Grains (Rice)
Hung Fook Tong 1986 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:1446 Beverages (Tea, Milk Tea), Processed Food (Soups), Retail
Inner Mongolia Ding Ye Foodstuff 2013 Bayannur Inner Mongolia Privately Held Snacks (Sunflowers Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Calabash Seeds)
Inner Mongolia Lantai Industrial 1998 Alxa Zuoqi Inner Mongolia SHA:600328 Salt
Inner Mongolia Yili 1956 Hohhot Inner Mongolia SHA:600887 Dairy (Milk, Ice Cream, Infant Formula, Yogurt)
Jarvis Machinery Manufacture 2006 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Machinery (Meat)
Jenny Lou’s 1989 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (Supermarkets)
Jenny Shop 1994 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (Supermarkets)
Jiajia Food Group 1996 Changsha Hunan SHE:002650 Sauces (Soy, Vinegar), Seasonings, Edible Oils (Peanut Oil, Soybean Oil, Tea Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Corn Oil, Sesame Oil)
Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical 1970 Yangzhou Jiangsu SHE:002391 Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides)
Jiangsu Chengxing Phosph-Chemicals  1984 Wuxi Jiangsu SHA:600078 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Jiangsu Fengshan Group 1988 Nanjing Jiangsu Privately Held Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides)
Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar 1840 Zhenjiang Jiangsu SHA:600305 Sauces (Vinegar, Soy, Tomato), Food Additives (MSG), Processed Food (Pickles)
Jiangsu Jingshen Salt & Chemical Industry 2009 Huai'an Jiangsu SHA:603299 Salt
Jiangsu KWIN Group 1992 Yancheng Jiangsu Privately Held Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Fertilizers)
Jiangsu Olymspan Thermal Energy 1988 Changzhou Jiangsu Privately Held Machinery (Livestock Rendering, Biomass Boilers)
Jiangsu Sunshine 1986 Wuxi Jiangsu SHA:600220 Textiles (Wool, Clothing)
Jiangxi Huangshanghuang 1993 Nanchang Jiangxi SHE:002695 Meat (Poultry, Pork, Beef Offal), Processed Food, Aquaculture
Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology 1996 Nanchang Jiangxi SHE:002157 Animal Feed (Hogs)
Jilin Forest Industry  1994 Changchun Jilin SHA:600189 Forest Products (Timber, Plywood), Honey
Jilin Grain 1996 Changchun Jilin Privately Held Grains (Corn, Rice, Sorghum), Oilseeds (Soy), Animal Feed, Edible Oils, Liquor
Jilin Province New Tianlong Industry 1998 Siping Jilin Privately Held Grains (Corn, DDGS), Ethanol, Liquor
Jilin Tiancheng Seedlings 1995 Gongzhuling Jilin Privately Held Fruits (Grapes, Plums)
Jinhe Biotechnology 1990 Hohhot Inner Mongolia SHE:002688 Veterinary Medicine (Animal Feed, Antibiotics), Food Additives (Corn Starch, Corn Gluten Meal), Sugar (Corn Syrup)
Jinmailang Food 1994 Xingtai Hebei Privately Held Processed Food (Instant Noodles, Flour, Pasta, Snacks)
Jinyu Bio-Technology 1993 Hohhot Inner Mongolia SHA:600201 Veterinary Vaccines (Cattle), Textiles (Cashmere)
Jinzi Ham Company  1994 Jinhua Zhejiang SHE:002515 Meat (Pork, Ham, Sausage), Sauces (Mustard)
Jiuguang Department Store 2003 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:1212 Retail (Supermarkets)
Jiusan Oils and Grains Industries 1987 Harbin Heilongjiang Privately Held Oilseeds (Soy), Edible Oils
Jiuxian 2009 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Baijiu, Wine)
Jonjee Hi-tech 1993 Zhongshan Guangdong SHA:600872 Seasonings (Chicken Powder), Sauces (Soy, Oyster, Cooking Wine, Vinegar, Tomato), Food Additives (MSG), Processed Food (Tofu, Canned Fish/Oysters)
Joyvio Group (Legend Holdings) 2012 Beijing Beijing HKG:3396 Fruits (Blueberries, Kiwifruit, Cherries), Beverages (Tea), Wine
Kaibo Foods 2007 Hong Kong Hong Kong OTCMKTS:KKFC Processed Food (Potato Starch)
Kangmei Pharmaceutical  1997 Puning Guangdong SHA:600518 Chinese Medicine, Beverages
Kemen Noodle Manufacturing 1984 Changsha Hunan SHE:002661 Processed Food (Pasta, Instant Noodles)
Kingenta Ecological Engineering 1998 Linyi Shandong SHE:002470 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts 1976 New York City USA NYSE:KKR Private Equity (Aquaculture Feed, Liquor, Dairy)
Kunshan Qianwei Machinery Technology 2011 Kunshan Jiangsu Privately Held Machinery (Juice, Paste, Fruits, Vegetables)
Kunwu Jiuding Investment 2001 Beijing Beijing SHA:600053 Private Equity (Meat, Agrochemicals, Aquaculture, Mushrooms)
Kweichow Moutai 1999 Renhuai Guizhou SHA:600519 Liquor (Baijiu)
Labixiaoxin Snacks Group 2000 Jinjiang Fujian HKG:1262 Processed Food (Jelly, Candy), Beverages
Landbridge Group 2001 Rizhao Shandong Privately Held Logistics (Shipping)
Lanzhou Huanghe Enterprise 1993 Lanzhou Gansu SHE:000929 Beer, Malt, Animal Feed
Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture  2000 Lanzhou Gansu HKG:1533 Dairy (Milk, Yogurt)
Le Gaga Holdings  2004 Hong Kong Hong Kong NASDAQ:GAGA Vegetables (Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber)
Lecuntao 2014 Changzhi Shanxi Privately Held Retail (E-commerce)
Legacy Wine & Spirits International 1999 Long Island USA Privately Held Wine (Distribution)
Leyou Technologies 1998 Longyan Fujian HKG:1089 Meat (Poultry), Animal Feed
Lianhua Supermarket 1991 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:0980 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, E-commerce)
Liaoning Wellhope Agri-Tech 1995 Shenyang Liaoning SHA:603609 Animal Feed (Hogs, Poultry, Aquaculture), Processed Food (Meat)
Lier Chemical 1993 Mianyang Sichuan SHE:002258 Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides)
Linyi Qiwei Canned Food 1989 Linyi Shandong Privately Held Processed Food (Peaches, Cherries, Strawberries, Pears, Oranges)
Little Sheep Group  1999 Baotou Inner Mongolia Privately Held Retail (Restaurants), Meat (Lamb), Seasonings
Longkou Shengxing Fruit & Vegetable 2001 Longkou Shandong Privately Held Fruits (Apples, Pears, Grapes, Cherries)
Lontrue  2002 Yantai Shandong SHE:300175 Fruits (Apples, Pears, Dried Fruit, Raisins), Nuts (Almond, Walnut, Pine Nut), Vegetables, Snacks (Pumpkin Seeds)
Lotus Health Industry  1983 Zhoukou Henan SHA:600186 Food Additives (MSG, Baking Powder), Seasonings, Flour, Sugar
LPPZ (Hubei Shop Good Food) 2006 Wuhan Hubei Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Snacks)
Luoniushan (Haikou Agriculture) 1993 Haikou Hainan SHE:000735 Meat (Pork, Poultry), Animal Feed (Hogs), Eggs
Madison Wine 1997 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:8057 Wine (Distribution)
Maiquer Group 2001 Changji Xinjiang SHE:002719 Machinery (Dairy, Processed Food)
McKey Food Services 1987 Shenzhen Guangdong Privately Held Processed Food (Poultry, Pork, Beef, Cakes)
Meihua Holdings 2002 Langfang Hebei SHA:600873 Food Additives (MSG, Amino Acids Xanthan Gum), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Meituan Waimai 2013 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Food Delivery)
Migao Corporation 2003 Beijing Beijing TSE:MGO Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Montrose Food and Wine 1979 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Wine (Distribution), Liquor (Distribution)
Muyang Holdings (Famsun) 1996 Yangzhou Jiangsu Privately Held Machinery (Grains, Oilseeds, Biomass), Logistics
Muyuan Foodstuff  1992 Nanyang Henan SHE:002714 Meat (Pork), Animal Feed (Hogs)
Nanfang Black Sesame  1993 Nanning Guangxi SHE:000716 Processed Food (Sesame Seeds, Peanuts, Soy Powder, Corn Paste), Beverages (Sesame Seeds), Rice
Nanjing Central Emporium 1936 Nanjing Jiangsu SHA:600280 Retail (Supermarkets, E-commerce)
Nanjing Red Sun 1991 Nanjing Jiangsu SHE:000525 Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, Fertilizers), Animal Feed
Nanning Sugar Industry  1996 Nanning Guangxi SHE:000911 Sugar (Cane), Forest Products (Paper)
Nanpu Food Group 1992 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Processed Food (Snacks), Wine (Distributor), Beverages (Tea)
New Dada 2014 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Food Delivery)
New Hope Liuhe 1998 Chengdu Sichuan SHE:000876 Animal Feed (Hogs, Poultry), Meat, Dairy (Milk, Infant Formula)
New Huadu Supercenter 1999 Fuzhou Fujian SHE:002264 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
New Silkroad Culturaltainment (VATS)* 1996 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0472 Wine (Red, White), Liquor (Baijiu)
Ningbo Hengkang Food 1996 Cixi City Zhejiang Privately Held Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds, Pinenuts, Pecan, Pistachios), Snacks (Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, Soy)
Ningbo Tech-Bank 1997 Shanghai Shanghai SHE:002124 Animal Feed (Aquaculture), Biofuel, Veterinary Vaccines, GMO
Noble Group (see COFCO) 1987 Hong Kong Hong Kong SGX:N21 Grains, Oilseeds, Sugar, Cocoa, Textiles (Cotton), Beverages (Coffee)
Nongfu Spring 1996 Hangzhou Zhejiang Privately Held Beverages (Water, Tea, Juice)
Northern New Energy 2001 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:8246 Retail (Restaurants)
Olympus Capital 1997 Hong Kong Hong Kong Privately Held Private Equity (Dairy)
Orient Group Incorporation 1978 Harbin Heilongjiang SHA:600811 Grains (Rice, Corn), Oilseeds (Soy)
Origin Agritech 1997 Beijing Beijing NASDAQ:SEED Seeds (Corn, Rice, Rapeseed, GMO)
Pacific Andes International 1986 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:1174 Aquaculture (Fish, Crab, Shrimp, Processed Food)
Pacific Coffee Company 1992 Hong Kong Hong Kong Privately Held Beverages (Coffee)
Panpan Foods 1996 Jinjiang Fujian Privately Held Processed Food (Pastries, Baked Goods, Bread, Chips)
Perfect (China) 1994 Zhongshan Guangdong Privately Held Wine (Distribution)
Ping An Insurance 1988 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:2318 Finance (Dairy)
PizzaExpress 1965 London United Kingdom Privately Held Retail (Restaurants)
Primavera Capital Group 2010 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Private Equity (Restaurants)
Pulike Biological Engineering 1995 Luoyang Henan SHA:603566 Veterinary Vaccines (Poultry, Hogs), Veterinary Medicine, Animal Feed (Additives)
Qianhe Condiment and Food 1996 Meishan Sichuan SHA:603027 Sauces (Soy, Vinegar, Rice Wine, Cooking Wine)
Qiaqia Food  2001 Hefei Anhui SHE:002557 Snacks (Nuts, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Edible Seeds, Potato)
Qingdao Haier 1984 Qingdao Shandong SHA:600690 Meat (Pork)
Qingdao Jinhai Seed  1998 Qingdao Shandong Privately Held Seeds (Vegetables)
Qinghai Salt Lake Potash 1996 Haixi Qinghai SHE:000792 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Qinghai Xiaoxiniu Dairy 2002 Xining Qinghai Privately Held Dairy (Milk, Yogurt)
Qufu Haigen Stevia Products 2006 Qufu Shandong Privately Held Food Additives (Stevia)
Reignwood Group 1984 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Beverages (Energy Drinks, Juice), Wine
Renrenle Commercial Group 1996 Shenzhen Guangdong SHE:002336 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
Royal Catering Group 1993 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:8300 Retail (Restaurants)
Royal Group 2001 Nanning Guangxi SHE:002329 Dairy (Milk, Yogurt), Beverages (Apple Vinegar)
Rushan Hengyu Food 2005 Rushan Shandong Privately Held Processed Food (Canned Fruit, Canned Vegetables)
Sanhe Hopefull Grain and Oil 1999 Langfang Hebei Privately Held Oilseeds (Soy), Edible Oils (Soybean Oil)
Sanquan Food 1992 Zhengzhou Henan SHE:002216 Processed Food (Frozen Food)
Sanya Nanlu Industry 2009 Sanya Hainan Privately Held Fruits (Wax Apples, Mangoes, Jack Fruit, Papayas), Beverages (Wax Apple Wine, Tea, Juice)
Shaanxi Fuheng (FH) Biotechnology  1987 Xi'an Shaanxi Privately Held Food Additives (Organic Powder, Plant Extracts, Colorants)
Shandong Changlin Group 1986 Linyi Shandong Privately Held Machinery (Tractors, Harvesters, Tillers, Diesel Engines, Excavators)
Shandong Delisi Food 1989 Zhucheng Shandong SHE:002330 Meat (Pork, Beef, Poultry, Offal), Processed Food (Meat, Sesame, Tofu, Aquaculture), Sauces (Chili, Bean Paste)
Shandong Homey Aquatic Development  1993 Weihai Shandong SHA:600467 Aquaculture (Sea Cucumber, Jelly Fish, Shrimp, Crab, Abalone, Seaweed), Retail
Shandong Huaxian Stevia 1985 Jining Shandong Privately Held Food Additives (Stevia)
Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile  1972 Jining Shandong SHE:002193 Textiles (Cotton, Wool)
Shandong Longda Meat Foodstuff 2003 Yantai Shandong SHE:002726 Meat (Pork, Chilled Meat), Animal Feed (Hogs)
Shandong Longlive Bio Technology 2001 Dezhou Shandong SHE:002604 Food Additives (Corn Starch, Xylitol, Pectin), Sugar (Corn Syrup), Ethanol, Milk Powder (Soy), Processed Food (Chewing Gum), Vegetables, Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Aquaculture
Shandong Lubei Chemical 1996 Binzhou Shandong SHA:600727 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers), Salt
Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry 1997 Yantai Shandong SHE:002234 Meat (Poultry, Processed Food), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech  2001 Yantai Shandong SHE:002086 Aquaculture (Fish, Shrimp)
Shandong Qiquan Group 1989 Jinan Shandong Privately Held Biofuel
Shandong Qufu Confucius Family Liquor Brewing (Legend Holdings) 2007 Qufu Shandong Privately Held Liquor (Baijiu)
Shandong Sun Paper 1982 Yanzhou Shandong SHE:002078 Forest Products (Paper)
Shandong Xiantan  2001 Yantai Shandong SHE:002746 Meat (Poultry), Processed Food, Oilseeds
Shandong Yisheng Livestock & Poultry 1990 Yantai Shandong SHE:002458 Meat (Pork, Beef, Poultry), Dairy, Agrochemicals (Fertilizers), Vegetables
Shanghai Bailian Group 1992 Shanghai Shanghai SHA:600827 Retail (Supermarkets, Convenience Stores)
Shanghai Bairun Investment 1997 Shanghai Shanghai SHE:002568 Food Additives (Flavor Enhancers, Fragrance, Beverages, Dairy, Candy, Tobacco)
Shanghai Bright Holstan 2015 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Dairy (Milk, Bovine Semen, Bovine Embryos), Grains (Corn Meal, Rapeseed Meal, DDGS, Barley), Soy Meal, Palm Oil Meal, Alfalfa Hay, Oat Hay
Shanghai Brilliant Gum (BLG) 1996 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Aquaculture (Seaweed), Food Additives (Carrageenan, Agar, Konjac)
Shanghai CRED Real Estate Stock 1999 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Meat (Beef)
Shanghai Dajiang Food 1985 Shanghai Shanghai SHA:600695 Meat (Poultry, Frozen Food, Processed Food, Pork)
Shanghai JC Intelligence 2002 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Consulting (Market Research)
Shanghai Jinfeng Wine 1992 Shanghai Shanghai SHA:600616 Wine (Rice)
Shanghai Kaichuang Marine  1997 Shanghai Shanghai SHA:600097 Aquaculture (Fish)
Shanghai Maling Aquarius 1997 Shanghai Shanghai SHA:600073 Meat (Canned Meat/Fish, Spices)
Shanghai Pengxin 1997 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Meat (Lamb), Dairy (Milk), Textiles (Wool), Grains, Oilseeds
Shanghai Tangjiu Group (SSCW) 1951 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Sugar (Cane, Distribution), Wine (Rice, Distribution), Retail (Tobacco, Wine), Processed Food (Distribution), Dairy (Distribution)
Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology 1997 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Vegetables (Mushrooms)
Shanghai Zhongdu Seeds  1987 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Seeds (Rice, Rapeseed, Watermelons, Vegetables)
Shanghai Zhongfu Group 1992 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Biofuel (Ethanol, Sweet Sorghum), Sugar, Chia Seeds
Shanxi Aokun Biological Agriculture 2004 Linfen Shanxi Privately Held Vegetables (Mushrooms, Okra), Fruit (Apples), Fertilizers (Organic)
Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine Factory  1949 Fenyang Shanxi SHA:600809 Liquor (Baijiu)
Shenguan Holdings  1994 Wuzhou Guangxi HKG:0829 Meat (Edible Sausage Casings), Food Additives
Shenzhen Agricultural Products 1989 Shenzhen Guangdong SHE:000061 Retail (Wholesale, E-commerce)
Shenzhen Batian Ecotypic Engineering 1989 Shenzhen Guangdong SHE:002471 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Shenzhen Kondarl 1979 Shenzhen Guangdong SHE:000048 Meat (Poultry, Pork), Animal Feed (Poultry, Hogs, Aquaculture), Eggs, Water
Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemicals 1999 Shenzhen Guangdong SHE:002215 Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Fertilizers)
Shijiazhuang Junlebao Dairy 1995 Shijiazhuang Hebei Privately Held Dairy (Milk, Infant Formula, Yogurt)
Shindoo Chemical Industry 1995 Chengdu Sichuan SHE:002539 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers), Salt
Sichuan Chemical Company 1956 Chengdu Sichuan SHE:000155 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Sichuan Gaofuji Food 2000 Chengdu Sichuan Privately Held Sauces (Bean Paste, Chili)
Sichuan Haidilao Catering 1994 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (Restaurants)
Sichuan Kehong (Group) Enterprise Management 2013 Chengdu Sichuan Privately Held Seeds (Flowers)
Sichuan Lutianhua Company 1959 Luzhou Sichuan SHE:000912 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Sichuan Meifeng Chemical 1994 Deyang Sichuan SHE:000731 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Sichuan Swellfun (Shui Jing Fang) 2000 Chengdu Sichuan SHA:600779 Liquor (Baijiu)
Silver Base 2007 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0886 Liquor (Distribution), Wine (Distribution), Cigarettes (Distribution)
Sino Agro Food  2006 Guangzhou Guangdong OTCMKTS:SIAF Aquaculture (Fish, Shrimp, Eel), Meat (Beef), Animal Feed, Agrochemicals (Fertilizers), Fruits (Dragon Fruit)
Sino Grandness Food  1997 Shenzhen Guangdong SGX:T4B Beverages (Juice), Processed Food (Canned Fruit/Vegetables)
Sinoagri Holding 1988 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Sinochem Group 1950 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Agrochemicals (Fertilizers, Pesticides), Seeds (Grains, Oilseeds)
Sinochem International 1998 Shanghai Shanghai SHA:600500 Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Herbicides), Rubber
Sinofert Holdings 1994 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0297 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Sinopharm International (Holding) 2003 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:1099 Edible Oils (Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil), Beverages (Juice, Tea, Coffee), Textiles, Dairy (Milk Powder)
Skypeople Fruit Juice 2001 Xi'an Shaanxi NASDAQ:SPU Beverages (Juice)
Springland International 1996 Wuxi Jiangsu HKG:1700 Retail (Supermarkets)
Stanley Fertilizer 1992 Linyi Shandong SHE:002588 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Summergate Fine Wines 1999 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Wine (Distribution), Liquor (Distribution), Mineral Water
Sun Art Retail (RT-Mart) 1998 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:6808 Retail (Hypermarkets)
Sunshine Kitchen (Beijing Soup City Kitchen) 2007 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (Restaurants)
Swire Pacific 1816 London United Kingdom HKG:0019 Beverages (Soft Drinks, Bottling)
Synutra International 1998 Maryland USA NASDAQ:SYUT Dairy (Infant Formula)
Tai Mei Potato Industry  2010 Ulanqab Inner Mongolia Privately Held Processed Food (Potato)
Taixiang Food 1994 Rongcheng Shandong Privately Held Processed Food (Frozen Dumplings, Canned Fish, Meat), Aquaculture (Fish, Shrimp, Sea Cucumber), Meat (Pork), Sauces (Seafood Concentrates), Seasonings
Tang Palace China 1997 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:1181 Retail (Restaurants)
Tangrenshen Group 1987 Zhuzhou Hunan SHE:002567 Animal Feed (Hogs), Meat (Pork, Sausage)
Tao Heung Holdings 1991 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0573 Retail (Restaurants)
Taobao 2003 Hangzhou Zhejiang NYSE:BABA Retail (E-commerce)
Tenfu (Cayman)  1993 Zhangzhou Fujian HKG:6868 Beverages (Tea)
Tenwow International Holdings 1999 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:1219 Processed Food (Nuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts, Dried Fruit, Melon Seeds, Pork, Fish, Oats), Beverages (Juice, Tea), Wine (Distributor), Sauces (Chili Oil, Sesame, Peanut Butter), Liquor
The Carlyle Group  1987 Washington D.C. USA NASDAQ:CG Private Equity (Dairy, Animal Feed, Fertilizers, Aquaculture, Forest Products)
Three Squirrels 2012 Wuhu Anhui Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Nuts)
ThreeSixty (Dairy Farm Int'l) 2006 Hong Kong Hong Kong SGX:D01 Retail (Supermarkets)
Tianjin Ringpu Bio Technology 1998 Tianjin Tianjin SHE:300119 Veterinary Vaccines (Poultry, Hogs, Cattle), Veterinary Medicine, Animal Feed (Additives)
Tianma Bearing Group 1987 Hangzhou Zhejiang SHE:002122 Meat (Beef), Wine
Tianshui Junesun Fungi 2005 Tianshui Gansu Privately Held Vegetables (Mushrooms)
Tiantu Capital 2002 Shenzhen Guangdong Privately Held Private Equity (Poultry, Dairy, Eggs, Restaurants, Tea, Seeds, Sauces)
Tianyi Summi 1993 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0756 Beverages (Juice)
Tianyun International Holdings 2003 Linyi Shandong HKG:6836 Processed Food (Fruits)
Tingyi (Cayman Islands)  1992 Tianjin Tianjin HKG:0322 Beverages (Soft Drinks, Coffee), Processed Food (Instant Noodles)
Tonghua Grape Wine 1937 Tonghua Jilin SHA:600365 Wine (Red, White)
Tonking New Energy 2004 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:8326 Retail (Restaurants)
Tsingtao Brewery  1903 Qingdao Shandong SHA:600600 Beer
Tsui Wah Holdings 1967 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:1314 Retail (Restaurants, Food Delivery)
Turpan Wingin Raisin 2005 Turpan Xinjiang Privately Held Fruits (Grapes, Raisins)
Uni-President China  1992 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:0220 Beverages (Juice, Milk Tea), Processed Food (Instant Noodles), Sauces (Soy), Dairy, Meat
Vats Liquor Chain Store 2005 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Liquor (Distribution), Wine (Distribution)
Vedan International 1952 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:2317 Food Additives (MSG, Amino Acids, Cassava Starch, Lysine)
Vipshop Holdings 2008 Guangzhou Guangdong NYSE:VIPS Retail (E-commerce)
Vitasoy International 1940 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:0345 Beverages (Soy, Tea), Processed Food (Tofu)
VV Food and Beverage 1994 Xuzhou Jiangsu SHA:600300 Beverages (Soy Drinks)
Wanbao Grains & Oils 1952 Xiangyang Hubei Privately Held Grains (Rice, Flour), Edible Oils (Rapeseed Oil, Walnut Oil), Beverages (Tea)
Wanfu Biotechnology Agricultural 2003 Changde Hunan SHE:300268 Grains (Rice), Edible Oils
Want Want China  1962 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:0151 Beverages (Juice, Tea, Coffee, Milk), Processed Food, Liquor
Wanxiang Doneed  1995 Harbin Heilongjiang SHA:600371 Seeds (Grains, GMO)
Wealth Glory 2001 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG:8269 Processed Food (Instant Noodles)
Wengfu (Group) 1991 Guiyang Guizhou Privately Held Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Wensli Group 1975 Hangzhou Zhejiang Privately Held Textiles (Silk)
WH Group (formerly Shuanghui) 1958 Luohe Henan HKG:0288 Meat (Pork, Sausages, Bacon)
Wilmar Spring Fruit Nutrition Products  1997 Taixing Jiangsu Privately Held Food Additives (Vitamin E, Tocopherols, Phytosterols)
Winall Hi-tech Seed  2009 Hefei Anhui SHE:300087 Seeds (Rice, Hybrids)
Win-Win Grape Seedlings Cooperative 2000 Sifangtai Liaoning Privately Held Fruits (Grapes)
World Granary (Tianxia Group) 2005 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Grains (Rice)
Wuhan Longfecund Agriculture Development 2005 Wuhan Hubei Privately Held Seeds (Corn, Rice, Rapeseed, Cotton, Vegetables, Watermelons), Agrochemicals (Pesticides)
Wuliangye Yibin 1998 Yibin Sichuan SHE:000858 Liquor (Baijiu)
Wumart Stores 1994 Beijing Beijing HKG:1025 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient 1986 Wuxi Jiangsu SHA:600327 Retail (Restaurants, Supermarkets)
Wuzhoufeng 2001 Yantai Shandong Privately Held Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Xiabuxiabu Catering 1998 Beijing Beijing HKG:0520 Retail (Restaurants)
Xiamen Bioway Biotech 1998 Xiamen Fujian Privately Held Seeds (GMO, Pepper, Tomato, Flowers, Tobacco)
Xiamen Huashengbiz  2001 Xiamen Fujian Privately Held Fruits (Frozen, Citrus, Apples, Pears), Vegetables (Frozen Veg,, Potatoes, Tomatoes), Aquaculture (Fish), Processed Food
Xi'an Catering  1956 Xi'an Shaanxi SHE:000721 Retail (Restaurants, Processed Food)
Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants 1987 Shanghai Shanghai HKG:3666 Retail (Restaurants)
Xin Jiang Korla Pear 1999 Korla Xinjiang SHA:600506 Fruits (Pears, Raisins, Jujube, Blackcurrant), Wine (Pear Wine, Apricot Wine), Nuts (Almonds)
Xinfadi Agricultural Goods 1988 Beijing Beijing Privately Held Retail (Wholesale, Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Aquaculture)
Xinjiang Chalkis 1994 Ürümqi Xinjiang SHE:000972 Processed Food (Tomato)
Xinjiang Condy Seed Technology 1999 Ürümqi Xinjiang Privately Held Seeds (Corn, Sugar Beet, Sunflower, Hybrids)
Xinjiang Guanng Fruit & Antler 1999 Korla Xinjiang SHA:600251 Processed Food (Tomato, Dried Fruit, Jujube), Sugar (Beet), Honey, Textiles (Cotton)
Xinjiang Hops  1993 Ürümqi Xinjiang SHA:600090 Beer, Beverages (Carrot, Tomato, Juice)
Xinjiang Hualing Industry & Trade 1988 Ürümqi Xinjiang Privately Held Retail (Wholesale)
Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps 1954 Ürümqi Xinjiang Privately Held Textiles (Cotton)
Xinjiang Sayram Modern Agriculture 1999 Bole Xinjiang SHA:600540 Textiles (Cotton), Edible Oils
Xinjiang Talimu Agriculture 1998 Aksu Xinjiang SHA:600359 Textiles (Cotton), Dairy (Milk)
Xinjiang Tecon Animal Husbandry Bio Tech 1993 Ürümqi Xinjiang SHE:002100 Animal Feed (Hogs), Meat (Pork), Edible Oils (Cottonseed Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil)
Xinjiang Tianhe Seed 2000 Ürümqi Xinjiang Privately Held Seeds (Wheat, Corn, Potato, Cotton)
Xinjiang Tianrun Dairy 1992 Ürümqi Xinjiang SHA:600419 Dairy (Milk, Yogurt)
Xinjiang Tianshan Animal Husbandry Bio-Engineering 2003 Changji Xinjiang SHE:300313 Meat (Cattle Breeding, Genetics, Beef, Lamb), Dairy (Milk)
Xinjiang Xiyu Seeds 1994 Changji Xinjiang Privately Held Seeds (Watermelon, Melon)
Xinjiang Yinlong International Agricultural 2008 Ürümqi Xinjiang Privately Held Textiles (Cotton)
Xinlong Grape Seedling Nursery 1992 Qinhuangdao Hebei Privately Held Fruits (Grapes)
Xisen Potato Industry 2005 Laoling Shandong Privately Held Seeds (Potato)
Xiwang Foodstuffs 2007 Binzhou Shandong SHE:000639 Edible Oils (Corn Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Peanut Oil)
Xue Long Beef (Snow Dragon Beef) 2002 Dalian Liaoning Privately Held Meat (Beef)
Yamada Green Resources 1998 Fuzhou Fujian SGX:BJV Vegetables (Mushrooms, Bamboo), Processed Food
Yangshengtang 1993 Hangzhou Zhejiang Privately Held Dietary Supplements, Beverages (Water, Tea, Juice)
Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine 1892 Yantai Shandong SHE:000869 Wine (Red, White), Liquor (Brandy)
Yantai Shuangta Food  1992 Yantai Shandong SHE:002481 Processed Food (Pasta), Food Additives (Pea Starch, Pea Protein)
Yasheng Group, subsidiary 2003 California USA OTCMKTS:HERB Seeds (Corn), Textiles (Cotton), Grains, Forest Products, Animal Feed, Fruits, Vegetables
Yashili International 1983 Chaozhou Guangdong HKG:1230 Dairy (Infant Formula)
Yiguo E-Commerce 2005 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Retail (E-commerce)
Yihaodian 2008 Shanghai Shanghai Privately Held Retail (E-commerce)
Yonghui Superstores 2001 Fuzhou Fujian SHA:601933 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
Youngor Group 1979 Ningbo Zhejiang SHA:600177 Textiles (Cotton, Wool)
YTO Group Corporation 1955 Luoyang Henan Privately Held Machinery (Tractors, Harvesters)
Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture 1999 Changsha Hunan SHE:000998 Seeds (Rice, Hybrids, GMO, Vegetables, Cotton)
Yuanshengtai Dairy Farm 2008 Qiqihar Heilongjiang HKG:1431 Dairy (Milk)
Yum China Holdings 1997 Texas USA NYSE:YUMC Retail (Fast Food, Restaurants)
Yunnan Aini Agriculture & Livestock 2006 Pu'er City Yunnan Privately Held Beverages (Coffee), Retail (Restaurants), Meat (Beef), Rubber
Yunnan Yingmao Sugar Industry 2003 Kunming Yunnan Privately Held Sugar (Cane), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers), Liquor, Ethanol
Yunnan Yuntianhua  1997 Kunming Yunnan SHA:600096 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic 2001 Zhanjiang Guangdong SHE:300094 Aquaculture (Fish, Shrimp, Processed Food, Aquatic Feed)
Zhejiang Giant Eagle Group 1995 Ningbo Zhejiang Privately Held Textiles (Cotton, Yarn, Clothing)
Zhejiang Heben Pesticide & Chemicals 1999 Wenzhou Zhejiang Privately Held Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides)
Zhejiang Wuwangnong Seedling 2003 Hangzhou Zhejiang Privately Held Seeds (Rice, GMO, Wheat, Corn, Rapeseed, Cotton, Fruits, Vegetables)
Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial 1965 Hangzhou Zhejiang SHA:600596 Agrochemicals (Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides)
Zhengzhou Rephale Machinery 1998 Zhengzhou Henan Privately Held Machinery (Processed Food) 2008 Guangzhou Guangdong Privately Held Retail (E-commerce, Wholesale)
Zhongbai Holdings Group 1989 Wuhan Hubei SHE:000759 Retail (Supermarkets, Convenience Stores)
Zhongnongfa Seed Industry Group 1999 Beijing Beijing SHA:600313 Seeds (Wheat, Rice, Corn, Cotton, Rapeseed, Sesame, Sugar Cane, Potato), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers, Pesticides)
Zoneco (Zhangzidao) Group 2001 Dalian Liaoning SHE:002069 Aquaculture (Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Scallop, Sea Urchin, Oyster, Lobster, Processed Food)

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