Market Reports

The Evolution of China’s Dairy Industry and the Outlook for Foreign Suppliers : An examination of Chinese milk standards and the growth of the country’s liquid and powdered milk imports
Devaluation and China’s Losses in the Food Sector: This brief examines the dual economic shocks of stock losses and devaluation had on China’s agricultural enterprises.
Genetically Modified Crops in ChinaAn overview of genetically modified agriculture in China, including an analysis of approved and illegally distributed GM crops. 
Hong Kong Re-Exports: An analysis of Hong Kong’s agricultural re-exports to mainland China.
China’s National Fruit: A Market Snapshot of Kiwifruit
Melamine Scandal: Looking back on China’s melamine scandal – six years later.
MIR 162 Corn Debacle: A short brief on the MIR 162 corn debacle and its effect on US exporters.
Rice Self-Sufficiency: An examination of China’s 95 Percent Doctrine and its quest for rice self-sufficiency.
Wine in China: A comprehensive analysis of China’s burgeoning wine market, with sections on production, consumption, imports, exports, seasonality of imports, prices, tariffs, and an industry outlook.

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Market Intelligence on China’s Agriculture & Food Industry