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Loren Puette is the Director of ChinaAg, a market research and analytical firm dedicated to helping clients navigate China’s complex agricultural trade and food industry. ChinaAg offers a range of business services that covers China’s agricultural infrastructure, farm output, foreign trade, commodity prices, food quality requirements, and agribusiness enterprises. Deliverables include statistical datasets, industry briefs, market reports, and customized research products.

Director of ChinaAg

Industry Experience

Mr. Puette has been analyzing agricultural markets since 2005 and has extensive field experience including on-the-ground analysis in Russia, Central Asia, East Africa, and the Middle East. Before founding ChinaAg, Mr. Puette worked as a Market Research Analyst at Washington DC-based international agribusiness firm Fintrac Inc., specializing in Food Analytics. In this role, he analyzed agricultural markets and commercial commodity trends for Fintrac and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Rwanda, Burundi, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Tajikistan, producing actionable recommendations for the market entry of specific agricultural products. He served as team lead for a Middle East market study that assessed the trade flows, wholesale/retail prices, and technical requirements for fresh produce imports from Tanzania. Prior to this, Mr. Puette worked as a Plant Health Analyst for Georgetown University’s Division of Integrated Biodefense, where he analyzed occurrences of crop disease and pest outbreaks in the post-Soviet States, Europe, and Francophone Africa for the USDA.

Mr. Puette has received several prestigious fellowships for international research. In 2010, Mr. Puette was awarded the Alfa Fellowship, a professional exchange placing Americans at leading business organizations in Russia. During the Fellowship, he worked at Cargill Foods Russia where he researched and delivered his findings on the economic viability of establishing specialty malt production in Russia for Cargill’s brewery clients. Two years later he participated in the International Research & Exchanges Board’s (IREX) U.S. Embassy Policy Specialist Program (EPS) in Tajikistan. As an EPS Fellow, he developed crop diversification strategies for Tajikistan and authored the report, “Tajikistan’s Fresh Produce Industry: Prospects for Growth and International Trade”.

ChinaAg TwitterMr. Puette holds a MA in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a BA in Economics from Baylor University (Texas), and speaks Russian, French, and Mandarin Chinese. He is originally from Bakersfield, an agricultural hub located at the base of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. He is currently based in Taiwan.


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