ChinaAg is a market research and analytical firm dedicated to helping clients navigate China’s agricultural trade and food sector.

There is a critical need for market information as China’s agriculture sector expands to meet the needs of its citizens. In 2011, China overtook the United States as the largest global importer of agricultural products and passed Canada as the largest importer of American agricultural goods. In 2013, China overtook the European Union as the largest importer of Brazilian agricultural commodities and America as the largest global trader of goods. As such, the global marketplace needs a one-stop source for English-language news and analysis of China’s agriculture sector. Be it irrigation projects in Sichuan (“province of abundance”/豐富的省) or soybean imports from Iowa, ChinaAg covers all aspects of China’s growing appetite for agricultural goods.

ChinaAg Expertise

Production: National and provincial level outputs

Foreign Trade: Annual and monthly trade (volume/value) to and from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, as well as provincial level foreign trade

Prices: Producer, wholesale, and retail figures for selected commodities

Import Requirements: Quality standards, duty rates, maximum residue limits

Market Intelligence: Information on commodities, companies, farms, agricultural inputs and infrastructure

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ChinaAg draws upon its vast resources to research, analyze, and deliver information to strengthen your understanding of China’s agriculture and food industry. Ask any question you may have regarding China’s agricultural markets and a ChinaAg analyst will respond promptly and personally to your request for information.

ChinaAg can be contacted by email at or by submitting a request in the general enquiry form below. Please note that ChinaAg has standardized hourly billing rates depending on the amount of time spent researching, organizing, and analyzing data. See below for more details regarding ChinaAg’s pricing structure.

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Free of Charge

Initial Consultation: Includes basic research to determine the detail of available information. This consultation can occur via email or video teleconference and will also cover the scope of work, pricing, and required timeframe.

Standard Billing Rate

Data Collection and Organization: Statistical information regarding China’s agricultural commodity markets are gathered, organized, and presented in MS Excel format.

Negotiated Rate

Market Analysis: Researching and analyzing agricultural commodity specific markets within China. The final product can be a PDF report or PowerPoint presentation.

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ChinaAg accepts guest submissions on any topic relating to China’s agriculture industry on a rolling basis.

Submission Guidelines

  • The ideal length for submissions is 750 to 1,000 words, however longer in-depth submissions may be considered. All submissions must be original content, with links to reliable source material when referencing quotes, statistics, and major events.
  • ChinaAg adopts a neutral and nonpartisan perspective in regards to its analysis of China’s agricultural market. Please be aware that, at all stages, ChinaAg retains editorial control regarding its content and reserves the right to remove the submission for any reason.
  • Successful submissions, which will include author attribution and a short biography, will be posted on the front page of and promoted on @ChinaAg_Market.
  • Send your submission and a brief bio as a PDF attachment to or by submitting a request in the general enquiry form below.

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