Foreign Listed Companies

Foreign listed companies, numbering 35, are primarily listed on exchanges in New York and Singapore, and range from private equity firms to retailers and vegetable producers.

List of Foreign Listed Companies

Company Founded HQ Location Exchange & Ticker Industry
3i Group 1945 London United Kingdom LON:III Private Equity (Restaurants)
Agria Corporation (ADR) 2004 Hong Kong Hong Kong NYSE:GRO Seeds (Corn, Vegetables), Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
American Lorain 1994 Linyi Shandong NYSEMKT:ALN Processed Food (Chestnuts, Frozen Fruit, Frozen Vegetables, Meat)
Aoxin Tianli 2005 Wuhan Hubei NASDAQ:ABAC Meat (Pork), Animal Feed (Hogs)
Asia Green Agriculture  2008 Nanping Fujian OTCMKTS:AGAC Fruits (Grapes), Vegetables (Bamboo, Corn, Potato, Mushrooms)
Baidu Waimai 2014 Beijing Beijing NASDAQ:BIDU Retail (E-commerce, Food Delivery)
Blackstone Group  1985 New York City USA NYSE:BX Private Equity (Vegetables)
BreadTalk Group 2000 Singapore Singapore SGX:5DA Retail (Bakery)
Changjiang Fertilizer Holdings 2002 Changsha Hunan SGX:JA9 Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
China Dairy Corp 2005 Sydney Australia ASX:CDC Dairy (Milk)
China Fishery 2001 Hong Kong Hong Kong SGX:B0Z Aquaculture (Fish, Fish Meal, Fish Oil)
China Green Agriculture 1998 Xi'an Shaanxi NYSE:CGA Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
China Minzhong Food 1971 Putian Fujian SGX:K2N Vegetables (Mushrooms, Tomato, Garlic)
China Modern Agricultural Information 2008 Harbin Heilongjiang OTCMKTS:CMCI Dairy (Milk)
China New Borun 2000 Shouguang Shandong NYSE:BORN Liquor (Corn), Animal Feed (DDGS, Corn)
Dairy Farm International 1886 Hong Kong Hong Kong SGX:D01 Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
Deyu Agriculture 2008 Beijing Beijing OTCMKTS:LUCC Grains (Corn, Rice), Oilseeds (Soy), Legumes
Dongfang Modern Agriculture  2005 Sydney Australia ASX:DFM Fruits (Citrus)
Kaibo Foods 2007 Hong Kong Hong Kong OTCMKTS:KKFC Processed Food (Potato Starch)
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts 1976 New York City USA NYSE:KKR Private Equity (Aquaculture Feed, Liquor, Dairy)
Le Gaga Holdings  2004 Hong Kong Hong Kong NASDAQ:GAGA Vegetables (Pepper, Tomato, Cucumber)
Migao Corporation 2003 Beijing Beijing TSE:MGO Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
Noble Group (see COFCO) 1987 Hong Kong Hong Kong SGX:N21 Grains, Oilseeds, Sugar, Cocoa, Textiles (Cotton), Beverages (Coffee)
Origin Agritech 1997 Beijing Beijing NASDAQ:SEED Seeds (Corn, Rice, Rapeseed, GMO)
Sino Agro Food  2006 Guangzhou Guangdong OTCMKTS:SIAF Aquaculture (Fish, Shrimp, Eel), Meat (Beef), Animal Feed, Agrochemicals (Fertilizers), Fruits (Dragon Fruit)
Sino Grandness Food  1997 Shenzhen Guangdong SGX:T4B Beverages (Juice), Processed Food (Canned Fruit/Vegetables)
Skypeople Fruit Juice 2001 Xi'an Shaanxi NASDAQ:SPU Beverages (Juice)
Synutra International 1998 Maryland USA NASDAQ:SYUT Dairy (Infant Formula)
Taobao 2003 Hangzhou Zhejiang NYSE:BABA Retail (E-commerce)
The Carlyle Group  1987 Washington D.C. USA NASDAQ:CG Private Equity (Dairy, Animal Feed, Fertilizers, Aquaculture, Forest Products)
ThreeSixty (Dairy Farm Int'l) 2006 Hong Kong Hong Kong SGX:D01 Retail (Supermarkets)
Vipshop Holdings 2008 Guangzhou Guangdong NYSE:VIPS Retail (E-commerce)
Yamada Green Resources 1998 Fuzhou Fujian SGX:BJV Vegetables (Mushrooms, Bamboo), Processed Food
Yasheng Group, subsidiary 2003 California USA OTCMKTS:HERB Seeds (Corn), Textiles (Cotton), Grains, Forest Products, Animal Feed, Fruits, Vegetables
Yum China Holdings 1997 Texas USA NYSE:YUMC Retail (Fast Food, Restaurants)

3i Group (LON:III):

  • Industry: Private Equity (Restaurants)
  • Headquarters (Est.): London (1945)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In March 2009, 3i Group divested its 11.32% stake in Little Sheep to Yum! Brands Inc. (e.g. KFC, Pizzahut)

Agria Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:GRO):

  • Industry: Seeds (Corn, Vegetables), Fertilizers
  • Headquarters (Est.): Hong Kong (2004)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Agria Corporation has been traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 2007

American Lorain Corporation (NYSEMKT:ALN):

  • Industry: Processed Food (Chestnuts, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Vegetables, Meat)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Linyi, Shandong Province
  • ChinaAg Comment: In March 2016, Tai Mei Potato Industry signed an agreement with American Lorain to produce Lorain branded potato French fries

Aoxin Tianli Group (NASDAQ:ABAC):

  • Industry: Meat (Pork), Animal Feed (Hogs)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Wuhan, Hubei Province (2005)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Aoxin Tianli Group raises and slaughters traditional Chinese Enshi Black Hogs, and built a new animal feed facility (30,000 MTs of animal feed annually) in December 2012

Asia Green Agriculture (OTCMKTS:AGAC):

  • Industry: Fruits (Grapes), Vegetables (Bamboo, Corn, Potatoes, Mushrooms)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Nanping, Fujian Province (2008)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Asia Green Agriculture has been traded on the OTC Markets Group since 2011

Baidu Waimai, subsidiary of Baidu Inc. (NASDAQ:BIDU):

  • Industry: Retail (E-commerce, Food Delivery)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Beijing (2014)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In April 2016, Baidu Waimai became a distributor of China Quanjude (Group), a restaurant chain known for its Beijing roast duck

Blackstone Group (NYSE:BX):

  • Industry: Private Equity (Vegetables)
  • Headquarters (Est.): New York City (1985)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In March 2010, a consortium led by Blackstone Group purchased a 30% stake (US$600 million) in China Shouguang Agricultural Product Logistics Park, one of the country’s largest wholesale agricultural market operators

BreadTalk Group (SGX:5DA):

  • Industry: Retail (Bakery)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Singapore (2000)
  • ChinaAg Comment: BreadTalk Group has a network of over 500 bakery outlets in 16 countries such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong and the Middle East

Changjiang Fertilizer Holdings (SGX:JA9):

  • Industry: Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Changsha, Hunan Province (2002)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Changjiang Fertilizer Holdings primarily produces nitrogenous fertilizer from its factory in Hunan Province

China Dairy Corp (ASX:CDC), see China Modern Agricultural Information (OTCMKTS:CMCI):

  • Industry: Dairy (Milk)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Sydney, Australia (2005)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In 2010, China Dairy Corp (formerly known as Heilongjiang Zhongxian Information) purchased 99% of Heilongjiang Xinhua Cattle Industry, a raw milk producer located in Heilongjiang Province

China Fishery (SGX:B0Z):

  • Industry: Aquaculture (Fish, Fish Meal, Fish Oil)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Hong Kong (2001)
  • ChinaAg Comment: China Fishery Group operates the largest fishing quota for Peruvian anchovies (i.e. Peruvian anchoveta) in the world, in additional to operating horse mackerel fishing vessels in Namibia, Africa.

China Green Agriculture (NYSE:CGA):

  • Industry: Fertilizers
  • Headquarters (Est.): Xi'an, Shaanxi Province (1998)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Through wholly-owned subsidiaries the company also supplies agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and colored seedlings

China Minzhong Food (SGX:K2N):

  • Industry: Vegetables (Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Garlic)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Putian, Fujian Province (1971)
  • ChinaAg Comment: China Minzhong Food produces over 100 types of processed vegetables that are processed using methods such as air drying, freeze-drying, fresh-packing and brining

China Modern Agricultural Information (OTCMKTS:CMCI), see China Dairy Corp (ASX:CDC):

  • Industry: Dairy (Milk)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Harbin, Heilongjiang Province (2008)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In June 2011, China Modern Agricultural Information signed a deal to supply 4,300 MTs of fresh milk to Anda City LongXing Dairy over the following six months

China New Borun (NYSE:BORN):

  • Industry: Liquor (Corn), Animal Feed (DDGS, Corn)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Shouguang, Shandong Province (2000)
  • ChinaAg Comment: China New Borun operates a corn processing facility in Shouguang and Daqing, Heilongjiang Province

Dairy Farm International (SGX:D01):

  • Industry: Retail (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Hong Kong (1886)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Dairy Farm International has a 50% stake in Maxim's Caterers, a Hong Kong-based restaurant chain

Deyu Agriculture (OTCMKTS:LUCC):

  • Industry: Grains (Corn, Rice), Oilseeds (Soy), Legumes
  • Headquarters (Est.): Beijing (2008)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Deyu Agriculture is Shanxi Province-based (HQ in Beijing) vertically integrated producer and distributor of corn, green bean, soybean, black rice and other varieties of grains

Dongfang Modern Agriculture (ASX:DFM):

  • Industry: Fruit (Citrus)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Sydney (2005)
  • ChinaAg Comment: As of 2015, Dongfang Modern Agriculture’s plantations (~8,000 ha) were located in Jiangxi province, southeastern China

Kaibo Foods (OTCMKTS:KKFC):

  • Industry: Processed Food (Potato Starch)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Hong Kong (2007)
  • ChinaAg Comment: As of 2011, Kaibo Foods had an annual production capacity of 111,500 metric tons of potato starch

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (NYSE:KKR):

  • Industry: Private Equity (Aquaculture Feed, Liquor, Dairy)
  • Headquarters (Est.): New York City (1976)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In September 2014, KKR sold its final stake in China Modern Dairy Holdings for approximately US$80 million

Le Gaga Holdings (NASDAQ:GAGA):

  • Industry: Vegetables (Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Hong Kong (2004)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In May 2013, Le Gaga’s chairman and its chief executive were considering taking the company private

Migao Corporation (TSE:MGO):

  • Industry: Agrochemicals (Fertilizers)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Beijing (2003)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Migao Corporation (known for its potash) produces potassium nitrate, potassium sulphate and compound fertilizer, and has facilities in Jilin, Guangdong, Liaoning, Shanghai, Sichuan, Guizhou, and Tianjin (warehouse)

Noble Group (SGX:N21):;  

  • Industry: Grains, Oilseeds, Sugar, Cocoa, Cotton, Coffee
  • Headquarters (Est.): Hong Kong (1987)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In December 2015, COFCO Group it would buyout the remaining 49% stake in Noble Group’s Agribusiness division after it initially purchasing the other 51% share in April 2014

Origin Agritech (NASDAQ:SEED):

  • Industry: Seeds (Corn, Rice, Rapeseed, GMO)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Beijing (1997)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In 2014, Originseed sold 28,000 MTs of corn seed (40 different types in total) to China, Russia, and Central Asian countries

Sino Agro Food (OTCMKTS:SIAF):

  • Industry: Aquaculture (Fish, Shrimp, Eel), Meat (Beef), Animal Feed, Fertilizer, Dragon Fruit
  • Headquarters (Est.): Guangzhou, Guangdong Province (2006)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Sino Agro Food initially began in 1998 by developing and marketing fish and cattle farms in Australia and Malaysia before beginning operations in China in 2006

Sino Grandness Food (SGX:T4B):

  • Industry: Beverages (Juice), Processed Food (Canned Fruits/Veg.)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Shenzhen, Guangdong Province (1997)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Sino Grandness Food’s production facilities are located in the provinces of Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, and Hubei

Skypeople Fruit Juice (NASDAQ:SPU):

  • Industry: Beverages (Juice)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Xi’an, Shaanxi Province (2001)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In 2010, SkyPeople Fruit Juice transferred from NYSE Amex (NYSE MKT) to NASDAQ

Synutra International (NASDAQ:SYUT):

  • Industry: Dairy (Infant Formula)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Maryland, USA (1998)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Synutra’s base of operations are in Shandong Province, eastern China

Taobao, subsidiary of Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA):

  • Industry: Retail (E-commerce)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (2003)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In March 2010, Taobao (see Alibaba Group) launched Juhuasuan, an e-commerce site that sells a diverse set of consumables (e.g. clothing, food, appliances, etc.)

The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ:CG):

  • Industry: Private Equity (Dairy, Animal Feed, Fertilizers, Aquaculture, Forestry)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Washington D.C., USA (1987)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In July 2010, Carlyle Group acquired an 11.3% stake ($178 million investment) in C.P. Pokphand Co. (Hong King-based animal feed producer), from Thailand’s largest agribusiness conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group)

ThreeSixty, subsidiary (SGX:D01):

  • Industry: Retail (Supermarkets)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Hong Kong (2006)
  • ChinaAg Comment: ThreeSixty is a supermarket chain that specializes in natural and organic food products

Vipshop Holdings (NYSE:VIPS):

  • Industry: Retail (E-commerce)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Guangzhou, Guangdong Province (2008)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In late December 2015, Vipshop stocks began plummeting after the e-commerce site was found selling fake Moutai (baijiu) liquor to its customers

Yamada Green Resources (SGX:BJV):

  • Industry: Vegetables (Mushrooms, Bamboo), Processed Food
  • Headquarters (Est.): Fuzhou, Fujian Province (1998)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Yamada Green Resources has been traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 2010

Yasheng Group, subsidiary of Gansu Yasheng Industrial (OTCMKTS:HERB):

  • Industry: Seeds (Corn), Cotton, Grains, Forestry, Animal Feed, Fruits, Veg.
  • Headquarters (Est.): California, USA (2003)
  • ChinaAg Comment: Yasheng Group is a distributor of US-produced “Angel Star” branded infant formula product

Yum China Holdings (NYSE:YUMC):;

  • Industry: Retail (Fast Food, Restaurants)
  • Headquarters (Est.): Texas, USA (1997)
  • ChinaAg Comment: In June 2015, Kentucky Fried Chickens comprised 4,889 out of Yum’s 6,853 (or 71%) restaurants in China